Firm Foundation: Patty Jamieson

Firm Foundation: Patty Jamieson By Ken Callahan As the Irish immigrants of the mid-19th century began to settle and grow in big cities in America, they did so, perhaps with an […]

Firm Foundation: Terry Kenneally

Firm Foundation: Terry Kenneally By Ken Callahan In his 2013 novel “Transatlantic”, Dublin born author Colum McCann weaves a historical narrative that explores the interaction between the people of the […]

Firm Foundation: Molly Mahoney

Firm Foundation: Molly Mahoney by Ken Callahan The area of Cleveland known as West Park has a history that reflects that of this region as part of the Western Reserve—New […]

Firm Foundation: Thomas J. Scanlon

Firm Foundation: Thomas J. Scanlon By Ken Callahan If you have not yet purchased “The Day We Celebrate,” edited primarily by Dr. Margaret Lynch and published under the auspices of […]

Firm Foundation: Patrick Talty

Firm Foundation: Patrick Talty By Ken Callahan It is an indication of the vitality and enthusiasm of Irish Americans in the numerous ways they come to celebrate their shared heritage […]