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3 November 1854 – The Catholic University of Ireland is opened. John Henry (later Cardinal) Newman is its first rector.

4 November 1908 – The Women’s Franchise League, Ireland’s chief militant suffrage organization, is established by Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington and Margaret Cousins.

6 November 1948 – The first ball-point “Biro” pen goes on sale in Dublin.

8 November 1847 – Birth in Dublin of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.

9 November 1926 – Birth of Hugh Leonard, dramatist, television writer and essayist, known for Daand A Life.

10 November 1798 -Conviction of treason of Theobald Wolfe Tone during the Irish Rebellion of 1798, regarded as the father of Irish republicanism.

11 November 1926 -George Bernard Shaw was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

14 November 1923 -W. B. Yeats receives the Nobel Prize for Literature.

18 November 1922 -Court martial of Erskine Childers begins for his role in the Irish Civil War.

22 November 1216 -Magna Carta Hiberniae, an issue of the English Magna Carta issued in Ireland.


Coming Next Month: December 2018

Bringing you the movers, shakers and music makers in our community each month.

1st– Tomaseen Foley’s A Celtic Christmas @Medina Performing Arts Center

7th– Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

7th– Ceili Dancing @WSIAClub

8th– Open Mic Night @WSIAClub

9th– Children’s Christmas Show @IACES

11th– IACES General Meeting

14th– Ceili Dancing @ WSIAClub
20th– WSIA General Meeting

20th– Marys Lane Cleveland Irish Christmas @MusicBoxCLE

25th– Christmas Day!

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