Madigan Muses: Ohio, The Heart of it All

Madigan Muses: Ohio, The Heart of it All
By Marilyn Madigan

One of the slogans for the State of Ohio was, “Ohio, the Heart of it All.” On Saturday July 25, Ohio truly was the heart of it all for the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Due to COVID19, the 100th Convention of the Hibernians needed to go to a virtual format. The headquarters or the pulse of the virtual convention were in Ohio. The headquarters for the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians was in Cleveland, with the help of Kathleen Colan of KC Media. The Ancient Order of Hibernians held their virtual convention at Youngstown University.

Ohio has been the site of National Conventions in the past. Ohio made Hibernian history with the first virtual convention.

This virtual convention had wonderful participation for both organizations. Although Ancient is in the title of the Orders, there is nothing Ancient about these forward-thinking organizations. With membership between the two Organizations of 60,000, they are the movers and shakers of Irish America.

For the past two years, Carol Sheyer of Hamilton, Ohio, was the National President. Her term was historic with the Celebration of 125 Years of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians. She worked hard with two other Ohio Hibernians to plan the virtual convention. The convention committee consisted of National Vice President Karen Keane of New York, National Secretary Marilyn Madigan of Ohio, National Treasurer Mary Ann Lubinsky of Pennsylvania and Past National President and Convention Chair Kathie Linton of Ohio.

The Hibernians convention was successful due to the work of National Vice President Danny O’Connell of Youngstown. Danny was elected National President and was Installed in his hometown.

The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians elected their new leaders. Karen Keane of Albany New York was Installed; Marilyn Madigan of Cleveland was elected as the National Vice President; President Keane selected others from Ohio to serve on the National Board for the next two years. Ryan Duns S.J. from North Olmsted will serve as the National Chaplain. Maire Leffel will continue as the National Fundraiser. Mary Jo Rawlins will serve as the National Supplies Chair. Cleveland is very proud that members of the Our Lady of the Rosary Division have been recognized and appointed to serve our organization nationally

Mary Jo Rawlins; Ryan Dunns, SJ;, Marilyn Madigan; Maire Leffel and Patricia Lavelle.



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