Time for Irish Unity

Irish Unity ~ Ireland 2030: Mary Lou McDonald response to the nomination of Taoiseach

Ceann Comhairle,

Our great country faces real challenges and big opportunities. The decisions that we take now directly affect our people today and for the future. I believe that our prospects can be so bright.

When all is said and done politics is about choices. Good politics is about making the right choices.

Today, for the third time in four years you present your choice for Taoiseach. For the third time you rearrange the cabinet deckchairs. For the third time in four years, you pat each other on the backs, and tell the people what a great job you’re doing.

The narrative today from the government is a fairytale so outrageous that Hans Christian Anderson himself would be proud of it. For people to believe the spin from government benches, they would have to suspend all connection to reality, and any memory of people’s lived experiences.  On the things that really matter to workers and families you have comprehensively failed, and no amount of bragging or bluster can disguise that fact.


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