iIrish’s February Crossword Puzzle & Shamrock Squares: All Things Irish


By Linda Fulton Burke

All Things Irish


5 Distillery that provides us with

most of our Irish Whiskey

8 dessert made with bananas,

carmel, cream, chocolate sauce

10 Tommy Makem’s partner

11 blackthorn stick

15 Co. Clare’s biggest tourist


16 Cleveland’s Twin City

18 City of Tribes

19 keening woman that forewarns

of death

21 St. Patrick used this to explain

the Trinity

23 County home to Rock of Cashel

and Cahir Castle

26 Mashed potatoes with cabbage,


27 Folk Park with Castle in


28 producers of wool

31 Irish drum

37 small woodwind Instrument

played with fingers and blowing

into it

38 Fin MacCool’s path to Scotland

43 Kiss this to get “the gift of


44 wee shoe cobbler

45 the old pub by Bunratty Castle

46 fish caught near the weirs of




1 the fastest Irish sport

2 He wrote “Four Freen Fields”

3 biggest selling Irish whiskey

4 Irish ale originally from Kilkenny

6 trad music hub of Ireland

7 Irish social dances

9 lrish football for women

12 Irish storyteller

13 Irish folk group named after a

rebel patriot

14 Belfast made ship that sank

17 famous Irish singing group from


20 Original Irish stout

22 Irish Lager

24 turf for heating

25 famouse scenic drive

29 roof of old time cottages

30 “to your health” toast

32 black horse that brings death


33 sausages

34 Ireland’s most famous crystal

35 John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara

star in this movie

36 oldest distillery

39 N. Ireland capital

40 Old Irish term for unlicensed

establishment selling whiskey,


41 Irish bacon
42 Ancestral county of most Clevelanders

Picture of Linda Fulton Burke

Linda Fulton Burke

*Linda also worked as secretary to the Grand Recorder of the Ohio Royal and Select Masons. She is a past president of the Irish American Club – Eastside and was selected as Member of the Year in 2009. She is married to Jim Burke and has three children and four grandchildren. Linda is a student of the Irish language and all things Irish

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crossword puzzle all things Irish


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