Cooking Up a Hooley: The Art of Leftovers


Cooking Up a Hooley in The Kitchen: The Art of Leftovers
By Katie Gagne


I love repurposing leftovers. This is why I often make way more serving of our meals than either my husband or I can eat. But some of the best creations happen with those extra morsels of food. So just in case you may have some left over bits and pieces from your March 17th celebrations, here is a great way to use your “Irish” fare in a hearty little meal.

Irish Eggs Benedict and Veggie Bacon Hash
Ingredients      Serves approximately 4

4 slices Rye Bread – cut each piece into a large circle using a cookie cutter or the mouth of a glass.   You can also leave the rye slice whole if you like.

8 ounces of Corned Beef

4 slices Swiss Cheese

4 ounces Cooked Cabbage, Sauerkraut or Coleslaw   — whatever you have left over or prefer

4 Poached or Over Easy Eggs

½ cup Thousand Island dressing or Mustard

2 tablespoons butter

2 tablespoons Horseradish (optional)

2 cups Diced Potatoes

1 cup Diced or Shredded Carrots

6 slices Bacon – cooked and crumbled

1 tablespoon Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste

Cut circles in the rye bread slices and place on baking sheet. Spread with butter and a little horseradish if desired, Top each with a slice of Swiss cheese. Bake in oven at 350* for several minutes, until they start to brown and cheese is bubbly.

Remove from oven and set aside.

In a skillet over medium heat, cook the bacon slices. Remove from the pan, reserve the bacon drippings in the skillet and crumble bacon once cool enough to touch.

Dice up potatoes and carrots and in the skillet the bacon was cooked in brown up the potatoes and carrots over medium heat.

In another skillet, add a little olive oil and warm up the left over corned beef and cabbage or sauerkraut. Cook for a few minutes just until heated through.

Prepare eggs.

Assemble the Eggs Benedict. Take a circle of rye toast with the melted Swiss cheese on it and top with about two ounces of corned beef, then add the sauerkraut or cabbage or coleslaw. Place an egg on each one, salt and pepper to taste, and then drizzle with Thousand Island dressing or mustard. Repeat to make four servings.

Place the browned potatoes and carrots in a serving bowl and add the crumbled bacon. Salt and pepper to taste.  Serve as a side dish for the Irish Eggs Benedict.

* Katie Gagne teaches English at Trinity High School in Garfield Heights. She is also the owner of her in-home bakery Sassy’s Sweets and Oh So Much More. You can contact her at (440) 773-4459 or at [email protected], or find her on Facebook at @sassyssweetsandmore.

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