Conor Makem
Columnist: An Eejit Abroad / Photojournalist

Meet Conor Makem: Exploring the World and Embracing Irish Roots

Conor Makem is a storyteller with a passion for music, travel, and all things Irish. Conor’s diverse background, from his days as a journalist to his current role as a columnist and photojournalist for iIrish, has provided readers with expert and authentic stories, humor and advice. Conor’s journey is a testament to the power of exploring the world with an open heart.

Conor’s journey began in the world of journalism, where he spent thirteen years as a reporter. However, the confines of the newsroom eventually led him to seek a different path.

It was during this transition that Conor’s love for music became a prominent part of his life. His connection to Irish culture through music and the annual Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival brought him closer to John and began a friendship that paved the way for a unique opportunity.

Conor’s column was born out of spontaneity and the freedom to write about anything he pleased. This creative freedom allowed him to explore a wide range of topics, from his Irish roots to his adventures in various countries, travel tips and music expertise. His writing reflects his ability to find beauty and intrigue in the seemingly ordinary aspects of life, such as visiting grocery stores in foreign lands and sampling local delicacies.

Growing up with a father who was so impactful in Irish music and culture, Conor’s childhood was filled with music, singers, and musicians. He spent a significant portion of his life in Keady, in County Armagh, which his father considered the “hub of the universe.” While Conor recognizes the Irish tendency to embellish, he still holds a special place in his heart for the culture and traditions that shaped his upbringing.

Love for travel takes Conor to far-flung destinations, from Iceland to Romania. He and his partner Libby share a curiosity for experiencing different cultures and landscapes. Conor’s fascination with grocery stores in foreign countries showcases his appreciation for the ordinary aspects of life that reveal the essence of a community.

His adventures and explorations serve as an inspiration for others to step out of their comfort zones and immerse themselves in diverse cultures and reflect the beauty of discovering new places, connecting with people, and cherishing the moments that make life extraordinary.

In a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary through the eyes of a traveler, Conor’s story reminds us to embrace our roots, explore the unknown, and savor the simple joys of life. and is a testament to the enriching power of storytelling, travel, and cultural heritage.

More of his photos are on Instagram under cb.makem. Visit or email [email protected].