Madigan Muses: Memorial May

May is a month that we honor and remember. On May 1, May Day, or International Workers’ Day is celebrated around the world. Over the past 10 years, May 4 has been a celebration of Mayo-ness. This has become a Global celebration of Mayo. Please visit for more information.

Cinco de Mayo Day is celebrated by many, but do you know what

Madigan Muses: These Historic Times

Ireland 2030

April is a very historic month in Irish History. Let us first remember the Women of 1916. Most of us think about Constance Markievicz, but she was only one of many unsung heroes from that period of Irish history.

Elizabeth O’Farrell stood next to Padraic Pearse at

Madigan Muses: Reflections and Renewal

Reflections and Renewal

Explore a year of milestones, reflections, and international engagements with Marilyn Madigan. From commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement to participating in global forums, learn about the significant events shaping the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians. Discover plans for upcoming commemorations and stay connected with the Irish diaspora.

Madigan Muses: Thanksgiving

Marilyn Madigan reflects on the spirit of Thanksgiving, honoring veterans, and the achievements of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians. Join the celebration of gratitude and community in November.

Madigan Muses: Hibernian Happenings

See all the upcoming events for the Hibernian community in Ohio, including the AOH National President’s Testimonial, the Sean McBride Humanitarian Award, and the Constance Markievicz Award. We celebrate Kathleen Savage as the Constance Markievicz Award winner.

Madigan Muses: Journey

      By Marilyn Madigan Back in 1969, when I began my involvement with the West Side Irish American Club, I never anticipated that in November 2023 there would […]

Madigan Muses: Ohio Hibernian State Convention

By Marilyn Madigan Hibernians from across Ohio met in Cincinnati on the last weekend of June. The business of our respected orders was conducted by AOH State President and LAOH […]