Columbus Irish: King of the Birds

Explore the unique Irish tradition of Wren Day, also known as the Feast of Stephen, tied to the first Christian martyr. Learn about the symbolic role of the wren, the king of all birds, in this festive celebration. Discover the blend of Celtic and Christian customs during the Christmas season, including the significance of holly, ivy, and atonement traditions.

Columbus Irish: Irish Road Bowling

By Andrew Shuman Faugh A Ballagh (Clear the Way) The cry of the Irish Brigade warns that a shot has been launched and people are coming through. About a mile […]

Columbus Irish: That Summer in Dublin

Andrew Shuman reflects on the his summer in Dublin, recounting unique experiences and discoveries in the city. The memories include staying at Trinity College, visiting the Door of Reconciliation, and exploring Viking ruins beneath a grocery store. Shuman also mentions upcoming events and discusses a book by Judge Michael Mentel related to the 1981 Hunger Strikes.

Columbus Irish: A Beer in the Bush

By Andrew Shuman “Down at the Pub, I suppose…” Nothing represents my Irish experience better than an evening at The Old Bag of Nails Pub in Westerville, northeast of Columbus […]

Columbus Irish: Stone of Destiny

Columbus Irish: Stone of Destiny By Andrew Shuman *Andrew is a Columbus transplant after graduating from The Ohio State University with a Major in History and Minor in Political Science […]

What’s the Craic: May 2023

Brooklyn – Hooley House!5th – Almost Famous, 13th – Disco Inferno, 26th- Nick Zuber on the Patio (6-9pm). 10310 Cascade Crossing, Brooklyn 216-362-7700.  ClevelandAer Lingus19th –Aer Lingus direct flights Cleveland to Dublin (Sun., Mon., Wed., […]