Crossword Puzzle: Ireland’s History


3 The IRA was declared illegal in the _____ and a

Special Powers Act was passed. 1922

5 The IRA was declared _______ in the Irish Free

State. 1936

7 The Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed in ______ on

6th December. 1921

8 The Dáil Éireann________ the Treaty on January

7th. 1922

10 Michael_______ was killed in an ambush. 1922

14 bodies were set up in both parts of _______

including An Taisce and the Ulster Transport

Authority. 1948

15 The Irish Government leased a residence in the

_______Park to the United States government

for ninety-nine years. 1949

16 In the general election, ____Féin won 73 seats,

as against 31 unionists and six home rulers.


18 The Republic of Ireland Act repealed the External

Relations Act of 1936 and provided for the

declaration of a ________. 1948

23 A truce was declared between the IRA and the

_______ army. 1921

24 Germany _______Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Louth,

Meath, Wexford and Wicklow. 1941

27 The Irish ________ company Córas Iompair

Éireann was set up. 1944

29 Erskine Childers was executed for unlawful

possession of a ________.

30 Éire had a general election. John A. _______

became Taoiseach. 1948

32 On the 17th of April, twenty-six countries officially

left the _______ Commonwealth. 1949

33 The Irish Free State was admitted to the _______

of Nations. 1923

36 William Thomas _________ was elected head of

the provisional government. 1922

37 ____ MacBride founded the Clann na Poblachta.


40 The ______Síochána were established. 1923

45 De Valera entered the Dáil with Fianna Fáil the

largest __________ party. 1927

46 In a radio address, Winston Churchill criticized

Ireland for its __________ 1945

48 Two emergency bills against the ____ were

passed. 1940

49 The ______Act was passed. Clauses, especially

those relating to mother and child services took

away influence from the Church 1947

50 Terence MacSwiney, mayor of Cork, died on

______strike. 1919

52 O’Duffy and his followers left for _____ in

November to fight for Franco. In December,

Frank Ryan’s left-wing unit joined government

forces in Spain. 1936

53 The Civil ___ began on June 28th. 1922

56 The first of seventy-seven __________ of fighters

opposed to the Treaty took place. 1922

57 Ireland applied to join the United _______ and

was admitted nine years later. 1946

59 German ______ fell on Dublin, killing 34. 1941

60 The National Guard was declared ________.


61 December, the IRA raided Magazine Fort in

Phoenix Park. 1939

62 A general _______ took place in the Irish Free


63 The Government of Ireland Act organized

subordinate ___________ for Dublin and Belfast.


66 Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, de

Valera announced that his government would be

neutral. 1939

67 ______


1 The ________ parliament building was formally

opened by the Prince of Wales. 1932

2 The United Irish Party (later ____ Gael) launched

with O’Duffy as president. 1933

4 Douglas ____ became the first president of Éire.


6 The Irish __________ became known as the Irish

Republican Army. 1919

8 The Irish Free State minister for justice, Kevin

O’Higgins, was ___________. 1927

9 The _____ War ended in May. 1923

11 Strikes and riots took place in Northern Ireland

over high ___________. 1932

12 Proportional representation in parliamentary

elections was ________in Northern Ireland.


13 Ireland became one of many countries to benefit

from the _______ Plan 1949

15 When de Valera withheld the _______ of land

annuities to the British government, an economic

war with Britain began. 1932

17 The War of ____________ began with an

ambush at Soloheadbeg, County Tipperary. 1919

19 Seán T. O’Kelly became _________ of Éire.


20 The _____ and Tans were enlisted. to curb

disturbances in Derry and Belfast. 1919

21 The Black and Tans fired on a crowd at a Gaelic

football match in _____ Park, killing twelve

people on “Bloody Sunday”1919

22 An _________ to the Dublin and Belfast

parliaments took  place. 1921

23 Sir Basil _______ became PM of Northern

Ireland. He would remain in that position for

twenty years. 1943

25 James Craig became Prime ________ of

Northern Ireland and George V opened its

parliament. 1921

26 The Constitution of the Irish Free _____ was

approved by the Dáil. 1922

28 The Irish ____ State appointed its first censorship

board. 1930

30 Great Britain’s Ireland Act conferred

___________  of the UK and Colonies on all

persons who had been: born in the Republic of

Ireland before 6th December 1922. . 1949

31 The Irish Free State Constitution Act (UK) ratified

the constitution and the Anglo-Irish ______.


34 De Valera protested against________ troops

arriving in Northern Ireland. 1942

35 ______ names in any language other than

English were prohibited by an Amendment to a

Bill passed in the Senate of Northern Ireland.


38 The Second World War, known in Ireland as the

_________, came to an end. 1945

39 More than 700 people were killed by Nazi

bombing in ______ Dublin and Dun Laoghaire

fire brigades went to assist. 1941

41 The ____ Comrades Association was formed.


42 The Army ________Association adopted a blue

shirt and black beret as its dress and took on the

name ‘National Guard. 1933

43 The Boundary _________ met for the first time.


44 The Irish Free State Constitutional Amendment

Act removed all references from the constitution

to the _____ and the governor general. 1936

47 Sinn Féin representatives met as Dáil Éireann,

which adopted a provisional ___________ and

declared independence. 1919

51 There was an Anglo-_____ agreement on ‘treaty

ports’, finance and trade. 1938

54 The UK, the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland

agreed to maintain the existing _________

between the two parts of Ireland. 1925

55 The IRA destroyed the ______ House in Dublin.


58 the 21st of November, fourteen British secret

service agents were shot dead by the IRA. 1919

61 The Black and ____ sacked Cork. 1919

64 The Irish Free State was elected to the council of

the _______ of Nations. 1930

65 IRA initiated a bombing campaign in Britain. An

explosion in Coventry killed five people. 1939

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