Young & Irish: Go n-éirí leat

Go n-éirí leat
by Mary Kate Campbell

It is no secret that the Irish follow a strict adherence to traditions and superstitions. As a kid I was taught to avoid walking under ladders, to not cross paths with a black cat, and  when your nose itches it means you’re going to get into a fight or kiss a fool.

As we ring in a new year, there are several steps the Irish take to rid themselves of bad luck and ensure good luck for the coming twelve months:

To ensure good luck, here’s a little hack

At the stroke of midnight

Enter through the front door

Then leave through the back

A lot of meaning is placed

on the first New Year’s visitor to pass through your door:

Beware if she’s a red head

For it is bad luck she’ll give

But if it is a tall dark handsome man

Good luck in your house will live

To remember loved ones passed:

There is no need to fast

At the first dinner of the New Year

Unlock the front door and set them a place

For their soul an easy return home before all can say grace

To drive out evil spirits, and welcome prosperity

A loaf of bread is all you need

Bang the bread against your walls

And from back luck your house will be freed

A tradition for the whole family

Mothers, fathers, and children all take a part

Must clean the house from top to bottom

To bring about a renewed hope and a fresh start

If you wish to find love

In the coming year

Sleep with a sprig of mistletoe under your pillow

And your dreams will be filled of your future dear

According to the Irish

Follow these to a T

And by next December 31st

You’ll be as happy as one can be

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