We Get Letters: Truth and Justice

We Get Letters: Truth and Justice

Thank you Terry from Derry for raising your voice for Truth and Justice. I am a second generation American. I believe all four of my grandparents emigrated from Ireland. They struggled but they were not locked up and separated from their loved ones. Asylum seekers who should be protected by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights agreed to by the UN General Assembly in 1948 Section 14 are treated as criminals by this corrupt and inhumane Administration.

You bravely proclaim that the Administration has “stretched us beyond the borders of insanity” in relation to our environment. I have three grandchildren and they are more important to me than all the wealth, power and fame in the world.

The Climate Catastrophe is already underway. According to the leading scientists in this country and the world, we now have less than eight years to reduce our use of fossil fuels by 50% to have just a 50% chance of avoiding a Climate disaster. Not good odds!

This Administration consisting of Climate Change deniers is another example of their dishonesty and goal of self-enrichment while sacrificing the safety not only of our country but also the world. Our grandchildren and many of our children face a dystopian future if we do not rise up and demand action to save them.

Thanks again Terry for having the courage to speak out in defense of our democracy, justice and truth. I am sure that the trolls of ignorance, religious fanaticism, greed and bigotry will come after you. You are in good company with Pope Francis, whose Encyclical Laudato Si’ is in total opposition to the positions of the Trump Administration and his enablers.

John Conway,
Lakewood, Ohio
Chairman of the Cleveland Chapter of Irish Northern Aid

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