We Get Letters: The Banshees of Innisherin


Thank you for the review of the Banshees of Inisherin in the March issue of iIrish. It explained a lot that I didn’t get about this finicky film in the first watch. I know I loved it but just couldn’t fathom why.
The explanation of the Irish Civil War in the background alas made sense to me in understanding as to why Colm would cut off his fingers, as would happen in a battle if he lost a limb in fighting for what he believed right. 

And poor Little Donkey? A casualty of war. I nearly cried in this scene.

I will go back and watch this again with a better understanding and perhaps a Guinness or two to help with processing this flick.  

I truly hope it wins an Oscar for Best Picture and acting. If that dumb Everything Everywhere…wins, I will be baffled and confused and may ask you to review that one to help me understand why!

Jill Malcolm
Bay Village OH

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