Tripping Over Technology: Editor’s Corner

Editor’s Corner: Tripping over Technology

Are you as tired of COVID as I am? Writing about it, thinking about it, adapting to it, missing loved ones and their hugs, and most horribly hurtful of all, seeing friends die from it so unnecessarily.

Vaccines are on the way. We don’t know the long-term effects to our health and our society, though a report I saw yesterday said it is average of about 6 months for all the symptoms to seep away for those recovering.

I’d love to write about music, dance, food etc, but they are still safety embargoed.  I have had the really meaningful opportunity to interview folks on Zoom.  These interviews are naturally much warmer and insightful then the previous norm of phone interviews. I have gotten to know favorite personalities and performers so much better than I ever would in a phone conversation.  There is no pressure, and the conversation is broader.  I feel It offers so much more. 

Recent Inner Views with wonderful people like Ashley Davis, Shannon Lambert-Ryan of Runa, Ruairi McKeirnan, Dan Fedoryka of Scythian and more really stand out, but a bunch of them have left impact and enrichment far beyond what is produced, knowledge and inspiration, creativity and connection, far beyond what we see just on stage. 

Those interviews will continue, whether in print, podcast, expanded on the web and slipped into social media’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or some combination of those.  Eventually, when I figure out how to edit the videos, they will be added to our YouTube channel too.  Fiona McEntee and Maureen Clark are on the schedule, and more will be added, as the production for all our platforms offers new opportunities to share the richness of our people.

The Legends Live On
Our goal is present acknowledgement and appreciation and over time, a library of the movers, shakers and music makers having an impact today, available today and for their children, researchers and future generations to come, thanks to those advances in technology now available, and to come.

I won’t forget being able to provide the family of our own legend, Tom Byrne, audio of our long and fun interview, and their response to that. Their ability to always being able to hear his voice, whenever they want, now and to come.  Those interested will be able to experience them, though gone, in many of the senses: see, hear and uniquely experience their faces, mannerisms, laughter and more. 

I was born with no relatives here in the U.S., outside of my folks and three sisters.  I would have so loved to see my relatives, grandparents, and others, those that I only heard about, but never knew.

Now with technology, and my interest, we will fulfill for new generations, what I wished I could have fulfilled for myself. The OhioIANews Library is under development (now, it’s time to learn video editing!).

Nuair a stadann an ceol, stadann an rince

(When the music stops, so does the dance)







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