Thousands to Descend Upon Belfast for Historic Irish Language Lá Dearg Demanding Irish Language Act

Thousands to descend upon Belfast for historic Irish language Lá Dearg demanding Irish Language Act

An Dream Dearg takes to the streets of Belfast for what is billed to be the biggest Irish language rights event of a generation

Tomorrow, Saturday 21st May, will see An Lá Dearg turn the streets of Belfast red. Organised by Irish language rights campaign network ‘An Dream Dearg’, Belfast is set to welcome thousands of Irish language families and friends to what is billed to be the a momentous occasion for the Irish language community. With over 25 buses coming from all over Ireland, and thousands pledging their support online, it is sure to be an historic event in the long-standing campaign for an Irish language Act. Crowds will convene at Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich for 1pm and will walk to Belfast City Hall, where young Irish speakers will set out their case for a society that recognises and celebrates the Irish language.

Conchúr Ó Muadaigh, spokesperson for An Dream Dearg, said:
“The support for the Dream Dearg campaign for languages rights has been incredible. Ever since 2017 the demand for an Irish language Act has gotten louder and louder. Our community is immensely proud of the Irish  language and we are excited to take our message of respect and equality to the heart of Belfast tomorrow. We have a huge team of activists working night and day on this campaign for many months, and for many years. An Lá Dearg is a day for celebrating that work, for recognising the journey our community has been on and is ultimately an opportunity for us to express to the world our legitimate expectation of a rights-based society that treats Irish speakers as equally valued and recognised members of our own country. For too long our rights have been denied and blocked. This weekend we commit to staying on the streets, to organising and demanding a better future until those in power finally implement the ‘resolute action’ promised to us in the Good Friday Agreement. It’s time for action.”

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