This Just In: Ohio Renaissance Festival Honors Harp Day

Ohio Renaissance Festival honors Harp Day with performances by The Harper and The Minstrel

Saturday, October 21 is Laģ na Cruite, or Harp Day. This event honors the national symbol of Ireland, the Harp, and is celebrated in Ireland around the world. This year the organization Harp Ireland, in association with The Ohio Renaissance Festival, pays tribute to this historic instrument with three concerts featuring the Harp at Saint Peter’s Church at Noon2 pm, and 5:30 pm. Please join Jay and Abby Michaels, The Harper and The Minstrel for Medieval, Renaissance, and Celtic music played on three different Harps along with Wooden Flutes, Penny Whistles, Viola da Gamba, Hammered Dulcimer beautiful singing, and more!
Jay and Abby Michaels are a husband and wife musical duo The Harper and The Minstrel. They have performed throughout this country for the past 22 years. They will delight you with Medieval, Renaissance, and Celtic Music sung and played on at least a dozen instruments.
Jay and Abby Michaels, aka The Harper and The Minstrel, via
Jay Michaels is known as The Harper. He has several Historical Harps designed after early Renaissance instruments, wire-strung Irish Harps, and the more contemporary Electric Harp. In addition to Harps, he is adept at the Viola da Gamba, Rebec, Dulcimer, and Baroque and Classical Guitars.
Jay currently serves as President of The Historical Harp Society. He is also a member of Early Music America and The Viola da Gamba Society. His music has appeared in Television Programs and Independent Films.
Abby Michaels is the Minstrel in this dynamic duo. She is also a mulit- instrumantalist who plays Flutes, Recorders, Pennywhistles, the Aulos (divergernt flute), Bowed Psaltery, Guitar, Harp and Hammered Dulicmer. Her lovely voice partnered with Jay’s baritone creates spellbinding harmonies.
The Ohio Renaissance Festival is located at 10542 East State Route 73 Waynesville, OH.
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