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This Just In: Could you speak as Gaeilge for 24 hours?

25,000 students to take part in Irish-speaking challenge tomorrow

Conradh na Gaeilge’s #Gaeilge24 to take place in schools across all 32 counties

Tomorrow, 14 November, 25,000 students in 250 schools from 32 counties will be taking part in the #Gaeilge24 challenge with Conradh na Gaeilge. Gaeilge24 aims to encourage young people to speak nothing but Irish for 24 hours in all areas of their lives. 

Students will be asked to speak Irish at school, with their teachers, at home, at the shops and with local businesses, with friends and in their sports clubs.

“We had great success achieving the aim of this year’s campaign to spark conversations as Gaeilge in Ireland and worldwide with Comhrá '23. Friendships were created, connections were made between groups and the public was given an opportunity to use the Irish language in a unique and creative way.” - Paula Melvin, Uachtarán Chonradh na Gaeilege,

English-speaking, Irish-speaking and Gaeltacht primary and secondary schools across Ireland will be taking part in this year’s challenge, and certificates will be presented to all participating students.

“The Gaeilge24 campaign, now in its eleventh year, is going from strength to stregnth at all times. We’ve sent out thousands of support packages to schools north and south over the last few days, and Conradh na Gaeilge is extremely excited to hear the irish language used by over 25,000 students across the island tomorrow.” 

Aodhán ÓDeá, Director of Development with Condradh na Gaeilge

"Both myself and my students are extremely excited to take part in #Gaeilge24 this year. The day gives students the opportunity to use and improve their Irish in a way that helps them bring the language outside of the classroom for the day.  The students have promised to make every effort to use only Irish for the full 24 hours, and I look forward to seeing how they succeed in the challenge."

The Irish language community around the world can take part online by using the hashtag #gaeilge24 on social media.

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