The Hooley @KammsCorner Announces Line-up and Schedule

The Hooley at Kamm’s Corner have announced their stage schedule!

June 18, 2022

Main Stage

12pm                     Welcome

12:15pm               Fire + Police – pipe & drums

12:30pm               Taylor Lamborn

2:15pm                 Wallace Coleman

3:45pm                 West Side Irish Pipe & Drum

4pm                       Window Dogs

6pm                       Cats on Holiday

Family Stage

12:30pm               YMCA

1:00pm                 O’Malley Irish Dance

1:30pm                 YMCA Hip Hop Dance

2:30pm                 Burke Irish Dance

3:00pm                 Leneghan Irish Dance

3:30pm                 All-American Karate

4:00pm                 Cannon Irish Dance

4:30pm                 Brady Campbell Irish Dance

5:00pm                 YMCA Line Dancing

5:30pm                 Hip to That                         

6:30pm                 The Prom Queens


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