The Artists Around Us ~ Deirdre Hill Brown

The Artist Around Us: Deirdre Hill Brown

I grew up in Lakewood, Ohio, from a very Irish Family!  My Parents, Leo and Phillis Hill, were from Dublin, before settling in Cleveland, Ohio. 

They returned numerous times over the years and took many photos of their time back “Home.”  I have been painting pictures from their photos and from other beautiful photos I found, or was given to paint from.  

Home, Co. Mayo, Ireland

I love painting all the beautiful shades of green in Ireland’s country side and pastures.  

Sheefry Hills
Bantry Towne and Bay, Co. Cork, Ireland

I have sold many of my prints on eBay, Etsy and in art/craft shows around the  Cleveland area and my paintings and prints are all around the United States and Europe.

It makes me happy to be able to share these with others.  I still do original paintings and sell prints and blank greeting cards of my previous work. To purchase a print, please contact   [email protected]

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