Terry Kenneally
Terry Kenneally
Columnist: Off the Shelf, On This Day in Irish History

Meet Terrance (Terry) J. Kenneally: A Passion for Irish Books, and Sharing Them

Terry Kenneally is a seasoned trial attorney, with a rich intertwined Irish heritage. He has been practicing law for 45 years. His Irish heritage traces back to Co. Waterford; his ancestors arrived in the United States in 1852, settling in the town of Dubuque, Iowa.

Terry proudly speaks about his extensive travels to Ireland, 25 trips to date, the most recent one being in June 2023. Terry holds a master’s degree in Irish studies from John Carroll University, a testament to his dedication to his heritage, and learning more about it.

In addition to his legal career, Terry has been an Off the Shelf columnist since April of 2007, then taking on additional monthly columns On This Day in Irish History and more recently, iIrish Trivia.

When asked how he connected with iIrish, Terry recalled a meeting with John O’Brien at a pub in Fairview. Terry’s extensive Irish library, seven years of teaching Irish history, and his Irish lineage made him a natural fit for iIrish.

Terry’s son and eldest daughter were particularly involved in the Irish community, with his daughter even having played Irish football. His wife Susan isn’t Irish but is supportive of their cultural pursuits.

Terry’s passions outside of his legal and writing careers include a deep love for teaching, especially working with kids, and mentioned the possibility of returning to part-time teaching in the future. His dedication to both his heritage and his commitment to education paint the picture of a multifaceted individual deeply engaged with the world around him.