Akron Irish: Green Season

Akron Irish

I found out that the overgrown hedgerows were a by-product of a study done by a citizen group. Ireland, again punching above their national weight, were the first country in the world to conduct a Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss in 2022.

Akron Irish: Feel the Power

Akron Irish Powerscourt

When friends ask us about planning a trip to Ireland, Dublin is always at the top of their lists. They ask about the pubs, Trinity, Guinness and th

Akron Irish: Gone to the Dogs

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When Did Dogs Become Domesticated? At what point did this happen for dogs? Primitive man was thinking way more about food and making

Akron Irish: Haunted

By Lisa O’Rourke Shane MacGowan has left us after a long illness. In his case, long illness means that he spent over half of his adult life, with “a year, […]