Cleveland Irish: The War of 1812 and the Irish

By Francis McGarry Moses Cleaveland never came back to Cleveland. We have discussed those who were here before that Moses and those first settlers of the Western Reserve in previous […]

Cleveland Irish: First Timers

In last month’s column, we discussed the history of the Western Reserve from glaciers to the Moses Cleaveland. As you may recall, Moses left and never returned. This month we […]

Cleveland Irish: Fire Lands

Cleveland Irish: Fire Lands By Francis McGarry I listened to Marshall Sahlins at the 2001 American Anthropological Association’s annual meeting in our nation’s capital. He was a professor at Chicago, […]

Cleveland Irish: Pointing to History

Cleveland Irish: Pointing to HistoryBy Francis McGarry On February 6, Dr. R.A. Vernon and The Word Church graciously hosted a discussion which can be viewed on YouTube. Cleveland Safety Director […]