Illuminations: Rosanne “Rosie” Hackett

Mike Finn delves into the life and achievements of Rosanna “Rosie” Hackett, an influential figure in Irish history who dedicated herself to improving pay and working conditions for Irish women. Rosie’s involvement in the trade-union movement, her role in the 1913 Dublin Lockout, and her contributions during the Easter Rising are highlighted. Her legacy is commemorated through the Rosie Hackett Bridge in Dublin.

Illuminations: The Escape from Lincoln Jail

By J. Michael Finn At the end of the Easter Rebellion in May 1916, hundreds of Irish were imprisoned by the British. In December 1916, due to pressure from Irish-America, […]

Illuminations: Annals of the Four Masters

“For the Glory of God and the Honor of Ireland” The Annals of the Four Masters (also known as the Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland) is a comprehensive history […]

Who Was St. Patrick’s Uncle? :Illuminations

Illuminations:  Who Was St. Patrick’s Uncle? By:  J. Michael Finn “Wherever Christ is known, Martin is honored.” – Latin poet, St. Venantius Fortunatus What do we know about the relatives […]

Illuminations: Arriving at Port of New York

Illuminations: Arriving at the Port of New York By:  J. Michael Finn Many people think that if their Irish ancestors arrived through New York City that they were processed through […]

Illuminations: The Siege of Pensacola

Illuminations: The Siege of Pensacola By:  J. Michael Finn The Regimiento Hibernia (Hibernia Regiment) was one of the Spanish army’s foreign regiments.  Known in Spain as “O’Neill’s Regiment,” it was […]