CURRENT ISSUE:  August 2023

Kid’s Craic: Earth Day’s 50th Birthday!

Kids’ Craic:  Earth Day’s Birthday!  by Dottie Wenger The United States and Ireland are two of the many countries around the world that celebrate Earth Day.  This year, Earth Day […]

St. Patrick’s Day

Kids’ Craic: Celebrate: It’s St. Patrick’s Day! by Dottie Wenger You don’t have to visit the Emerald Isle in order to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Here are some fun ways […]

Kid’s Craic! FANtastic February

Kids’ Craic: Fantastic February by Dottie Wenger The holiday season may have ended, but  if you’re visiting the Emerald Isle, there are plenty of noteworthy dates in February: February 1st […]

Taking the Fields of Glory; GAA Update

  Taking the Field of Glory: GAA Monthly Midwest Gaelic Athletic Association by Vincent Beach With the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) being the largest Irish organization outside of Ireland, the […]

Kids Craic: Dear Ol’ Dublin

Kids’ Craic: Dear ol’ Dublin! By Dottie Wenger This month, we focus on Ireland’s capital city.  A fun place to visit (its nickname is “City of a Thousand Welcomes”) with […]

Kids’ Craic:  Nollaig Shona Duit!  

Kids’ Craic:  Nollaig Shona Duit!   by Dottie Wenger Kids in Ireland celebrate Christmas in a way similar to American kids.  Gift-giving, good food, and spending time with family are all […]

Irish Football Soars in Ohio

Taking the Field of Glory: GAA Monthly: Midwest Gaelic Athletic Association By Vincent Beach Mól an óige agus tiocfaidh sí (Bual sa tóin í agus titfidh sí).  Praise the youth and […]

Kid’s Craic

Kids’ Craic: KNOWvember! by Dottie Wenger Ireland doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in November, since it’s an American holiday.  But that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening during the month.  Here are […]

Kids’ Craic :  Halloween Time!

Kids’ Craic :  Halloween Time! by Dottie Wenger Did you know… Although many people think of Halloween as an American holiday, its beginnings go back to Ireland, long before the […]

At Home Abroad: Class of 2023

At Home Abroad: Class of 2023 By Regina Costello My twins entering high school this year brings to mind their first days in kindergarten and their subsequent years in elementary […]