Irish Crossword Puzzle: Irish iTunes Top Hits

Irish Crossword: Irish iTunes Top Hits By Linda Fulton Burke ACROSS 6 Ruslanas Kirilkinas: _____Let Me Go 8 A Song for Lily-Mae: ____ Dancer 10 Galen Crew: __________ (Smallboy Remix) […]

This State Ain’t Big Enough for Us!

Editor’s Corner: This State Ain’t Big Enough for Us! By John O’Brien, Jr.       Hear Ye, Hear ye, we have very exciting news! First: Our covid on hold […]

Donnybrook: Coming Home Again

Donnybrook: Coming Home Again By John Myers The Irish American Archives Society (IAAS) focuses on preserving the history and heritage of the Irish Community in the Greater Cleveland Area.  Annually, […]

Summerfly: Editor’s Corner

Editor’s Corner: Summerfly By John O’Brien Jr. In another younger day I could dream the time away In the universe inside my room And the world was really mine from […]

Hollywood Actors on the Beauty of Ireland

Hollywood Actors on the Beauty of Ireland Travelers all around the globe have always considered Ireland as one of the most beautiful countries. In Rough Guide’s 2018 review, Ireland finished […]

Time for an Irish Unity Referendum

Time for an Irish Unity Referendum By Mark Guilfoyle The time has come to give the people of Ireland the opportunity to decide whether to reunify the island.  The Irish […]

Editor’s Corner: So Much Success!

Editor’s Corner: SO Much Success By John O’Brien, Jr. @Jobjr So much success!  Have you seen all the press about Cartoon Saloon’s work?  The Kilkenny based studio has multiple Academy […]

Do Tell: What’s the Craic in April?

Editor’s Corner: What’s the Craic in April by John O’Brien, Jr. When you are this close to the fire, you can’t always see who is getting warmed. You usually hear […]