Akron Irish: Life is an Island

Akron Irish: Life is an Island By Lisa O’Rourke  For the last few years, the Blasket Islands have advertised for a couple to live as caretakers on what is ordinarily […]

Northern Exposure: Akron Irish

  Akron Irish: Northern Exposure By Lisa O’Rourke This happens to everyone; you run into someone you haven’t seen in months and you run into them at least three more […]

The Big Fella ~ Michael Collins

Akron Irish: The Big Fella by Lisa O’Rourke The image is iconic, a large tweedy guy, almost too big looking for the bike, laconically riding it anyway, around the streets […]

Pandemonium: Akron Irish

Akron Irish: Pandemonium By Lisa O’Rourke Dear Reader, I would love to tell you that these articles are written months in advance and that I am merely polishing my acerbic […]

Dunne’s Street Girls

Akron Irish: Dunne’s Store Girls by Lisa O’Rourke Our collective “annus horribilis” has now just passed, and from this position, it would be hard for this new shiny year to […]

Akron Irish: Macnas

Akron Irish: Macnas By Lisa O’Rourke  So, there was a big palaver going on “the parade, the craic, it’s brilliant, you have to see it!” It was powerful enough that […]

Akron Irish: Black Donkey Brewery

Akron Irish: Black Donkey By Lisa O’Rourke The next time that you go to the grocery store, head to the beer aisle and take a look at the choices. On […]