Madigan Muses: Reflections and Renewal

Reflections and Renewal

Explore a year of milestones, reflections, and international engagements with Marilyn Madigan. From commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement to participating in global forums, learn about the significant events shaping the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians. Discover plans for upcoming commemorations and stay connected with the Irish diaspora.

Akron Irish: Naked and Afraid-The Armada Edition

Lisa O’Rourke recounts the harrowing survival story of Captain Francisco de Cuellar, a Spanish Armada captain who found himself shipwrecked and stranded in Ireland in 1591. He endured hardships, encountered English soldiers, and faced perilous situations while wandering naked and afraid. The story sheds light on the challenges he faced and the hospitality he eventually received from the Irish. O’Rourke also reflects on the complexities of historical morality and power struggles during that era.

Cleveland Irish: Bluestone Hibernians

Join us in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Bluestone Division, an AOH chapter with a rich history rooted in Irish labor and heritage. Named after Euclid Bluestone, this thriving community pays tribute to the Irish laborers who shaped the region.

Akron Irish: Murphy’s Law!

By Lisa O’Rourke Every erstwhile late, bedraggled individual has, at some point, embraced Murphy, the god of personal misfortune. I envision him, circa 1850, hat askew, standing in his potato […]

Éasca Péasca: Student Stories

Éasca Péasca: Student Stories By Marie Young Éasca Péasca: Student StoriesBy Madeline Leatherbarrow My journey as an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh began with my interest in psychology. […]

Safe Home: Maureen Greene

Maureen E. Greene December 22, 1936  –  February 13, 2023 Maureen E. Greene, 86, of Marblehead, Ohio, beloved wife of the late Donald Greene, passed away peacefully surrounded by love on Monday, […]