Survivors Guide Comedy in Dublin

Dublin Brothers Seán and Niall McDonagh are returning to the International bar with there 5 star Trip Advisor-rated comedy show Ireland A Survivors Guide.

The show is starting out it’s second Summer season, having been a huge hit with travellers to Dublin and corporate clients.
Failte Ireland were hugely impressed with the show and they encouraged Debs founder of the award winning  Planet D travel blog, 1.5 million followers to come along. She was enthralled and in a video piece for their website she says
“I had such a great time at the show tonight, You have a very complicated history but Niall
and Sean made it easy and hilarious and now I understand it and I have a lot of crazy
images in my head when I think of Ireland”

The brothers often rehearse in their parent’s family home. This makes sense when you consider that their mother Maeve Ingoldsby is a writer herself with 40 years experience in the business.
“ we always show the sketches to her first because she’s ruthless” says Seán “ She also makes the best soup in North County Dublin” adds Niall

The brothers joined forces in 2011 and set up High Rock Productions named after their favourite local sea swimming spot in Dublin.  They honed their physical comedy skills over the  years by travelling around the country doing comic sketch shows in the Irish Language for High school students . They developed a style of physical comedy which could be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or level of English. This has been a crucial skill to them as they try and devise material to be watched by audiences from vastly different cultures.
“So It doesn’t matter if you are Irish, American, Italian or Chinese, on a coach tour or on a shoestring, if you’re a student,retired or on the doss from work, this show will make you laugh” promises Seán.

The brothers know they are certainly diving into the big pond with Ireland: A Survivor’s guide. In targeting the tourist market they will have to compete with everything from Riverdance  to Guinness Storehouse. They have already strong bookings from the coach tour operators and package providers who have been getting super feedback on the show.
“There’s so much to do and see in Ireland, we’ve beautiful  scenery and attractions. But what really sets us apart from other countries is the people and their sense of humour” say Seán “and if you’re here for a short while and you want to get a feel for Irish people this is the must see attraction”

Ireland: A Survivor’s Guide runs in the International Bar Tues to Friday at Lunchtimes from June till August. The  show costs 10 euro per person with, online and group discounts available. There is also a great deal with a bowl of Irish stew as lunch..  Afternoon and evening shows for groups available by appointment.
Booking at
Enquiries contact Seán or Niall McDonagh at  [email protected]

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