Summerfly: Editor’s Corner

Editor’s Corner: Summerfly
By John O’Brien Jr.

In another younger day I could dream the time away
In the universe inside my room
And the world was really mine from June until September
And if it wasn’t really so I was lucky not to know
And I was lucky not to wonder why
Because the summertime is all that I remember

 – Summerfly by Maura O’Connell

Brilliant! That was the commonly given response to the Cleveland St. Pat’s Gaelic Football men’s and women’s tournament held Mid-May.  It was the first post covid event where the end of the tunnel, was just down the boreen green. 

What a fantastic job by so many – a recap is in the Fields of Glory column this month, but a bigly shout out to Club President Vincent Beach with Jim Coyne’s efforts and leadership working hand in hand.  The tournament featured men’s and women’s teams from Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. Check out the OhioIANews Facebook page for more to the story, and loads of pics. 

Every month I beg and beg our readers and organizations from throughout Ohio and the surrounding states to send us their events.  Rarely do they.  I won’t give up.   The invitation stands; send them to us at [email protected]. There is no charge to have them listed in the OhioIANews.

All of Ohio News
We want to feature all of Ohio, and the surrounding states too. Let us know what’s the craic in vibrant Irish America, so we can share it with our audiences.

Do you know a writer who lives in the Greater Cincinnati, Pittsburgh or Detroit area? Those areas are our next expansion targets, so please send them on to us to chat with as we seek out great new additions to our OhioIANews team.

I hope I will see you Out & About, safe and sound. If you need a speaker, call. Our Irish Opportunity Corridor runs from The Northcoast, to The Southcoast, Cleveland to Clearwater; CLE to shining CLE. Contact us with your story, event or speaker needs and we’ll be of service.

There are many more songs and stories; I hope we will write new ones – of joy, of unification.  Here, and across the pond. We are closer to a One Ireland than we have been in more than 800 years.  Let’s unite for America, too.

We’ll share those songs and stories on the next podcast too, on Friday May 21st, with guest new Irish Consul Kevin Byrne. Then, the 31st Podcast features the fantastic Carbon Leaf, returning to touring with a show at Robins Theatre on June 10th. 

If you have a moment, and wish to offer any feedback, it would be most welcome.  For example: Would you follow the podcast more if a video option were also available? Who would you like to see interviewed on the podcast?

Nuair a stadann an ceol, stadann an rince
(When the music stops, so does the dance)










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