Speak Irish: Céard a Dhéanann Tú Nuair a Bhíonn am Saor Agat?

Speak Irish: Céard a Dhéanann Tú Nuair a Bhíonn am Saor Agat?
By Bob Carney

In our conversation studies, when meeting someone new, we’ve covered very basic topics, such as greetings, introductions and the weather. To get to know someone better, it helps to know what that person’s interests are, maybe we share some of them.

It might be helpful to take some of the vocabulary and phrases we covered in the past few months and using some of this months, construct a sample conversation between two people. We use this exercise often in the Speak Irish Cleveland classes with two or three people play acting, it helps the language to come easier and can be a lot of fun.

Sample Conversation in Irish
Céard a dhéanann tú a bhíonn am saor agat?  (kyard ah yeh-nan too a vee-un em sayr ah-gut). What do you do when you have free time?

Téim ag léamh. (tay-um ag lay-um) I read. (lit. you are saying I go read)

Téim ag snámh. (tay-um ag snaw-ve) I go swimming.

Téim ag rith. (tay-um ag reh) I go running.

Téim ag rothaiócht. (tay-um ag ru-hee-ucht) I go cycling.

Téim ag surfáil. (tay-um ag surf-all) I go surfing.

Téim ag siúl. (tay-um ag shool) I go walking.

Téim ag sodar. (tay-um ag sod-er) I go jogging.

Imrím leadóg. (im-reem la-doeg) I play tennis.

Imrím peil. (im-reem pell) I play football.

Féachaim ar an teilifís. (fek-ehm ar ahn tell-i-feesh) I watch television.

Éistim leis an raidió. (ay-shtim lesh ahn ray-dee-o) I listen to the radio.

Éistim le ceol. (ay-shtim le ke-ole) i listen to music.

Téim go dtí an phictiúrlann. (tay-um guh jee ahn fich-tur-lahn) I go to the cinema.

Teim go dtí an teach tábhairne. (tay-um guh jee ahn chahk ta-vern) I go to the pub.

Activities in Irish
An imríonn tú leadóg? (ahn im-ree-un too la-doeg) Do you play tennis?

Imrím / Ní imrím (im-reem / nee-im-reem) Yes / no  ( I play / I don’t play)

An dtéann tú go dtí an phictiúrlann? (ahn dahn too guh jee ahn fich-tur-lahn) Do you go to the cinema?

Téim / ní théim  (tay-um / nee-hay-um) Yes / no  (I go / I don’t go)

An dtéann tú ag snámh? (ahn dahn too ag snahv) Do you go swimming?

Ni théim ag snámh. (nee hay-um ag snahv) I don’t go swimming.

An bhféachann tú ar an teilifís? (ahn way-kahn too ar ahn tell-i-feesh) Do you watch television?

Féachaim / ní fhéachaim (fay-kahm / nee ay-kahm) Yes /no ( I watch / I don’t watch)

Ní fhéachaim ar an teilifís. (nee ay-kahm ar ahn tell-i-feesh) I don’t watch television.

An éisteann tú ceol? (ahn ay-shtahn too kyole) Do you listen to music?

Éistim / ní éistim (aysh-tum / nee aysh-tum) Yes / no ( I listen / I don’t listen)

An maith leat ceol traidisiúnta? ( ahn mah laht kyole trad-uh-shunta) Do you lik traditional music?

Tá sé ceart go leor. (taw shay kyart guh lore) It’s ok.

Is breá liom é. (iss braw lum ay) I love it.

Iss fuath liom é. (iss foo-uh lum ay) I hate it.

Peil Ghaelach (pell hawl-ach)  Gaelic football

Peileadóir (pell-a-door) footballer

Iománaíocht (im-on-ee-ocht) hurling

Sacar (sahk-er) soccer

Rugbaí (rug-bee) rugby

Leadóg  (la-doeg) tennis

Imreoir leadóige  (im-roar la-do-ig-a) tennis player

Galf  (golf) golf

Galfchursa (golf-coor-sa) golf course

Cumann gailf (cume-on golf) golf club

Páirc imeartha (porc-im-er-ha) sports field

Cúirt leadóige (coort la-dow-iga) tennis court

Cúl (cool) goal

Ag traineáil (ag train-all) training

Linn snámha (linn snaw-va) swimming pool

Clár spóirt (clor sport)  sports show

Clár faisnéise (clor fas-nay-sa) documentary

Clár dúlra (clor dool-ra) nature show

Clár cainte (clor kin-ta) talk show

Scannáin uafáis (ska-nawm u-fos) horror films

Scannáin ghrá (ska-nawm graw) romance films

Scannáin eachtraíochta (ska-nawm ach-tree-ucht-a) action films

Scannáin ghrinn (ska-nawm grin) comedy films

Leabhair (low-er) books

Úrscéalta uafáis (oor-skale-ta oo-fos) horror novels

Úrscéalta grá (oor-skale-ta graw) romance novels

Beathaisnéisí (ba-ash-nay-shee) biographies

Ceol pobail (ke-yole pub-ull)  folk music

Rapcheol (rap-ke-yole) rap music

Ceol tíre (ke-yole teer-a) country music

Rac-cheol (rock-ke-yole) rock music

Rithim agus gormacha (ri-him ah-gus gur-um-a-ka) rhythm and blues

You can use, the  free on-line dictionary, to translate other activities. To help with pronunciation,use their audio player to hear the words spoken in all three regional dialects. Keep on eye out for our ad with the starting date for our new session of Speak Irish Cleveland, targeted for September 14th

Slán go Fóill!

*Bob Carney is a student of Irish history and language and teaches the Speak Irish Cleveland class held every Tuesday at PJ McIntyre’s. He is also active in the Irish Wolfhound and Irish dogs orginizations in and around Cleveland. Wife Mary, hounds Morrighán and Rían and terrier Doolin keep the house jumping. He can be reached at [email protected]

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