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Terry from Derry: Blood Dimmed Tide|
by Terry Boyle

It is not surprising that Trump’s presidency should end in bloodshed.  What shocked the world, should not come as a surprise to the rest of us.  If you have someone who has lied and cheated his way through four years of his presidency, it is no wonder that it should end in the futile death of one of his supporters. 

Trump has conned many into thinking his alternative facts are true, and, as such, no amount of fact-checking can dissuade them from their unshakeable faith in his compulsive lies.  The blame for the supposed ‘insurrection’ of the Capitol building does not solely lie with the former president, but also his enablers.
For four years, Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham, among others, have pandered to the overbearing egotist in order to get what they wanted.  In creating their own Frankenstein monster, they have been forced to reckon with their creation and it has not been a pretty sight.

 January 6 was an appropriate time for disclosing the former president’s true nature.  The feast of the Epiphany is traditionally the time when the Christian world celebrates the visit of the Magi to the baby Jesus.  It is the day when the wise men witness the showing forth of the saviour of the world. 

In the baby Jesus they see their salvation.  The child’s true purpose is revealed to them.  Ironically, on January 6, 2021, we see Trump’s true nature revealed to the world as the peddler of lies and the voice of chaos. 

On the day that should celebrate future hope, the former president tried to undermine the American constitution by sowing discontent among its people.  Fearing the repercussions of the numerous lawsuits awaiting him, Trump has tried and failed to stall his legal fate by distracting us all with his wanton theatrics. 

Once out of office, we will see the man for what he truly is, a fake, a fraud and perhaps worst still, a racist who cares about no one but himself.  History will not remember him fondly.  He will forever be remembered as a cautionary tale, a reminder of what can happen when you fail to use your vote wisely. 

Unfortunately, a woman, a veteran, who lost her life for a man who cares nothing for her sacrifice will typify how costly it can be to blindly believe. She, like so many, has lost too much for so little.  Her willingness to die for such a lost cause will serve as an example of how dangerous it is to put your faith in a lie.  America deserves better than an incompetent leader who pardons criminals, fattens the wallets of his friends, and unfairly discriminates against people of colour. 

January 6, 2021 will be remembered as yet another example of how white people are treated differently from blacks.  Had the Capitol building been attacked by black protestors, the death toll would have been greater.  There is no doubt that what we witnessed on this year’s feast of the Epiphany was a demonstration of white privilege. 

The carnage and destruction of white insurrectionists were tolerated beyond belief.  We only have to turn our minds back to how the Black Lives Matter people were treated when they protested in Washington D.C for a reality check on how racism is alive and well in this country. 

After dispelling a peaceful protest of Black Lives Matter, the Orangeman in the White House appeared with his bible.  These images of blatant racial discrimination will haunt our minds for years to come.  Trump’s presidency has sought to drag us back to the dark days of segregation and fear of our fellow citizens.

It is my hope for this next year that we move beyond the racist politics of Trump’s presidency and discover our strength in diversity.  I’m reminded of what Christ said about a house divided against itself, it cannot stand. 

We have the opportunity to learn from our recent past mistakes.   We have taken our eye of the ball and allowed a clown to distract us from the very real dangers of global warming, exploitation of natural resources, inadequate healthcare and racial inequalities. 

When it comes to the health and welfare of the United States, our energy should be spent on creating a future for those who come after us instead of focusing our attention on a megalomaniac.  We have been distracted for too long by his antics and it has set us back decades in terms of social improvement. 

Our Epiphany
It is time for us to re-focus our attention on the divide that Trump’s presidency has exposed and exacerbated.  Our Epiphany should motivate us to change those things we can.  There will always be those people who do not want to be enlightened and who will distrust any moves towards improvement.  They will refuse to believe the earth is round or that we’re in the middle of a pandemic or that anyone should be vaccinated. 

It is a fact of life that some people can be fooled all the time.  However, the blindness of a few should not tether the rest of us to a backwards way of thinking.  If we are to progress, we need to critically evaluate our worldview and make changes. 

 I take heart when I see the political changes made since the showing forth of Trump’s true nature.  Death and destruction will be his legacy, and history will not forget his incompetency.  Our history, however, can change, if we embrace our future as a step towards the eradication of racism and sexual inequality.  

The wise men saw the godly potential in a child and believed.  We need to welcome these future changes to our society with hope and not fear.  

​*Terry is a retired professor at Loyola University, Chicago.  He writes and reviews plays, while also teaching modern Irish and English drama.  Moving from Derry, N. Ireland to Chicago in 2004, he continues to enjoy is work with the Irish American community throughout America.  He can be reached: [email protected]

July 15, 1936 – December 25, 2020

PATRICK JAMES ‘JIM’ JOYCE, age 84. Beloved husband of 58 years to Rita A. (nee Cregan). Loving father of John (Mary), Jeanie Norman (Eddie), Maggie Flynn (Michael), Joseph, Patrick “Whitey” (Judy), Kathleen Reilly (Jim), Dennis (Brittany Leahy), Colleen Moore (Bryan), and Eileen Mazur (Dave). Proud papa of Maleena, Marissa, Cate, Dann

y, Molly, Tommy, Bridget, Colin, Colleen, Patrick, Cregan and Megan. Brother of Catherine “Kay” Lardie (Richard) and preceded by the following siblings, Tom (Maryann), Richard (Ursula), Jack (Jackie), Mary Hogan (Joseph); son of the late Thomas and Mary (nee Griffin). Loving uncle, cousin and
friend to many. U.S. Airforce Veteran. A loving friend of 62 years to Dr. Bob and Bill W. Special thanks to the caring staff at Enniscourt Nursing Home for 10 years of loving care. In lieu of flowers, donations appreciated to The Rev. John J. Cregan Chapel Fund at Enniscourt 13315 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107, or to the Charity of your choice.

Obituary courtesy of McGorray Hanna Funeral Homes

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