Ready, Set, Woe!

Editor’s Corner: Ready, Set, Woe!
by John O’Brien, Jr. @Jobjr

First, and foremost. Thank you. Thank you for sticking with us. Thank you for all of your letters and emails and support, when we did not print the April issue, putting only the interactive edition on our website.

When I see so many of our advertisers forced to close or go to some form of takeout/delivery, and the damage they are suffering, a few thousand dollars loss is immaterial.  We did not charge any advertiser in April, with the hope that those reading the interactive OhioIANews online will click on advertisers’ ads, go to their website, shop and/or order carryout or curbside pickup. We will do the same for this May issue.

Thank you for your new subscription orders stating that you will read the OhioIANews online, and  therefore are refusing a mailed copy. I assure, every expense is being watched, and your faith in us is not misplaced.

I am so angry to hear the latest implosion by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the only daily newspaper in Greater Cleveland. I never thought “our” Cleveland Plain Dealer would drop to intentional elimination of local people reporting local issues, union people, to become ??? what – filler for the ad pages on Or, in effect, by design, extinct.

I know so many of the reporters, favorites like Michael K. McIntyre, Rachel Dissell, Roxanne Washington, John Cobra Verde Petkovic, Laura DeMarco, and on and on …  whose columns I seek out daily. I like the weekly local Scene for its angles and music scene, but it’s not unbiased in any way.

Publishing a monthly newsmagazine like I do, I can’t offer direct timely coverage, like so many of these reporters mentioned above always did. This is a virus with no vaccine, and a 100% kill rate. I am truly sorry that professional reporters are forced to take this greed fueled hit.

Money is short; times are hard, but we always held up, those with the media card.

I had a great chat this morning with Dan Fedoryka, of Scythian, checking in first, and then talking about the virus damage to musicians, the supporting casts, and the venues they play, including festivals, which are being cancelled.

Scythian has a new CD coming out in July; the guys are very excited with what they have heard so far; I can’t to hear it, and feature it in the July issue

In a divisive world, will it take a virus to finally bring us together, albeit six feet apart? Can we finally reach the point of saying, even though someone’s point of view may be different, I won’t let that different POV undermine the much more important, lasting meaning of friendship? Life is much bigger than that.

I can disagree with someone’s opinion, even discuss it and learn from it, without resorting to snide, personal or toxic attacks, and I can simply move on. Christianity has a lot of ills, but also teaches a lot of love.

Nuair a stadann an ceol, stadann an rince
(When the music stops, so does the dance)


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