Reader Recipes: Sully’s Angry Leprechaun, By Ali Burmeister

Brioche hamburger bun

6oz. burger cooked to personal preference, seasoned with Montreal Steak Seasoning

Bacon, cooked until crisp

1/8 cup nacho jalapenos sautéed with one tbsp. sugar and one tbsp. butter

For sriracha mayo, combine 1/8 cup mayonnaise with ¼ tsp. sriracha

Assemble cooked jalapenos and bacon on top of burger and top with sliced hot pepper cheese

Toast brioche bun and spread with sriracha mayo

A special thanks to Ali Burmeister for taking the time to share the recipe for one of Sully’s most popular burgers. To enjoy this recipe at its best, head out to Sully’s Irish Pub, 117 West Liberty St. just off Historic Medina Square.

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