On This Day in Irish History / Coming Next Month: August

On This Day in Irish History

1 July 1681 – St. Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop of Armagh, was hung at Tyburn, after being found guilty of high treason “for promoting the Catholic faith.” He is the last person to be martyred in England.

4 July 1921 – Awaiting truce with the English, Eamon De Valera ordered the American flag flown in Dublin to “emphasize the principle for which we are fighting.”

7 July 1816 – Death of Dublin -born dramatist Richard Brimsley-Sheridan, best known for The Rivals and The School for Scandal.

12 July 1691 – The Battle of Aughrin, the most decisive battle of the Jacobite wars in Ireland, was won by the forces of William III. Over 7,000 are involved in the battle.

13 July 1886 – Birth in Roscommon of Father Edward Flanagan, founder of “Boys Town” in Nebraska.

14 July 1819 – Ellen Scanlan (nee Hanley) is murdered by the servant of her new husband, Stephen Sullivan. Both Gerald Griffin’s novel, The Collegians, and the play, The Brides of Gerryowen, are based on the incident.

18 July 1951 – The Abbey Theatre in Dublin is burned down.

19 July 2009 – Death in NY of Frank McCourt, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Angela’s Ashes.

20 July 1616 – Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone, died in exile in Rome.


Coming Next Month August 21:  

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1st – Shamrock Club of Columbus General Meeting

2ndCigar & Whiskey Nite @Gormley’s
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3rd – 11th Congressional District Primary. Please Vote!

9th – eBulletin arrives in your inbox @3:10p.m
            Irish American Club East Side (IACES) Monthly Meeting

13thiIrish Songs, Stories & Shenanigans Podcast36 drops at 5pm. Listen anytime
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14th – IACES Kilroy Golf Outing

17th – Early Voting for September 14th Election Day Begins

18thCigar & Whiskey Nite @Gormley’s

19th – West Side Irish American Club (WSIA) Monthly Meeting
23rd – eBulletin arrives in your inbox @3:10p.m

25th – September issue of the OhioIANews hits the streets

27thiIrish Songs, Stories & Shenanigans Podcast37 drops at 5pm. Listen anytime
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