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On this Day in Irish History

1 October 1843 – On 1 October 1843, Daniel O’Connell held what would be the last of his ‘monster meetings’, in Mullaghmart, Co. Kildare. These were enormous rallies held all over Ireland aimed at solidifying support for repeal of the union of Great Britain and Ireland.

3 October 1992 – Sinead O’Connor tears up a photo of the Pope while appearing on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest.

6 October 1175 – Treaty of Windsor is signed. The treaty was signed by the High King of Ireland, Rory O’Connor, and Henry II of England, and witnessed by the archbishop of Dublin, Lawrence O’Toole. It gave the Anglo-Normans control of Dublin and the southeast, and the rest of Ireland to O’Connor.

10 October 1918 – RMS Leinster was traveling from Kingstown- now Dun Laoghaire- to Holyhead and was sunk by German submarine UB-123. In all, 564 people died. The First World War ended a month later, 11 November 1918.

17 October 1907 – Wireless message is sent from Clifden to Nova Scotia. First commercial transatlantic message was transmitted from Marconi’s wireless telegraph station in Clifden, Co. Galway to Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.

20 October 1881 – William Gladstone, the British Prime Minister, announced that the Irish National Land League was proscribed. This came just over a week after Charles Stewart Parnell was arrested for treasonable practices.

22 October 1884 – On 22 October 1884, nine women were awarded degrees from the Royal University of Ireland. They were the first women in either Great Britain or Ireland to receive university degrees and became known as the Nine Graces.

25 October 1996 – Last Magdalene laundry closes. It was located on Sean McDermott Street in Dublin and belonged to the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity.

27 October 1904 – New York City subway opens for the first time. Irish contractor John B. McDonald oversaw the construction.

30 October 1997 – Mary McAleese is elected President. She was the eighth President of Ireland, making Ireland the first country in the world to elect two female heads of state consecutively. Her predecessor was Mary Robinson.


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