March Editor’s Corner: Happy St. Patrick’s Day, of Course

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Another year of blessings. As we gather on the avenue, we see the evidence: all of the families, reunions and memorable moments from years past, refueled by new moments and memories crafted this year, are all around us throughout the day. Every year is a little busier, with all the events & personally meaningful activities; love of peeps and tradition still fuels my choices.

Mass at St. Colman’s; Marching in the Parade ~ this year the OhioIANews will march in the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade as an entity for the first time; Hanging with the Chambers, Cambells, Carrs, Gormans, Gills, Goggins, Mangans, Reikers … ; a stop at The Harp on the way back to civilization; before ending the day as it began, with the root of my Irish faith, my folks, for a late dinner, good friends and a little love strengthening.

Sappy enough for you? Oh well, hard times fuel insight and understanding; what is really important settles through the dust of distraction.

For fifteen months now, we have been saying things like “largest issue ever,” or, largest XX month ever.” We get to say it again this month.  This issue is the largest in our 147- issue history. Your support, advertiser support, meaningful and lasting support, has fueled our growth; Thank you.

Of course, all of the many and mighty events in March are featured within. We’ve added and please welcome our 23rdmonthly Columnist, Conor (CB) Makem, who writes about the Irish traveling Abroad, in “An Eejit Abroad.” A few other highlights include: paying tribute to all of the St. Patrick’s Day Honorees that were sent to us from throughout Ohio; profiles of Cleveland Hurling Legend Al O’Leary and Cleveland Browns Legend Brian Brennan, history, Irish language lessons, books & beer, recipes, sports, puzzles, jokes, Kids Craic, and of course, a bit of history too. It dies, if we don’t discuss.

We also share all of these stories, and every issue, on our social media Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, and our massively growing website, which includes the OhioIANews Library and Archive.

The print is LARGER too, for easier reading than social media allows. The interactive issues mean if you click on an ad, you are taken to the advertiser’s website, providing more bang for their buck – please let them know you found them in the OhioIANews.

You can read current and past stories, and find advertisers any time, if you no longer have a past issue. The archive is growing in leaps and bounds. We will keep building it until we have an extensive Irish Library and Archive covering stories that ran in the OhioIANews, and stories that arrived after the issue went to print, or were larger than we could print.

Pictures and extra text will be populated throughout the site. Our OhioIANews Library is being built to be the resource you need for the stories and the people you care most about.

Why? Because we can’t thank those that deserve it once, and then let their story fade into a cloudy past. We have the resources; we’re going to extend the reward.

Nuair a stadann an ceol, stadann an rinnce

(When the music stops, so does the dance)


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