Mairin Petrone
Greater Pittsburgh Sales Manager

Meet Marin Petrone: iIrish’s Pittsburgh Sales Relationship Manager and Pittsburgh Irish Festival Executive Director

Mairin is a strong, hands-on leader with a deep connection to her Irish lineage. Her father was Italian, and her mother had deep Irish roots. Her great-grandmother, Hannah Mary,  immigrated from Ireland to the United States.

Mairin’s upbringing was steeped in Irish culture, as her family initiated the Pittsburgh Irish Festival in 1991, when she was just three years old. This early exposure immersed her in the culture, leading her to take on the role of festival director in 2016. In addition to her work with iIrish, Mairin actively participates in various Irish events throughout the year, dedicating herself to supporting the Irish community.

Mairin’s connection with John O’Brien and iIrish began ith John being a familiar face from Cleveland Irish Festival and as part of the Association of Irish and Celtic Festivals, which led to learning and working together at the festivals and the conferences. The association is comprised of approximately 150 Irish and Celtic festivals in the United States and Canada, fostering collaboration and mutual support among its members.

Mairin’s mother Maura, and aunt, Nan, are founders of the Pittsburgh Irish Festival, and have established a long-lasting friendship with John through this network.

Mairin shared her role as the sales relationship manager for iIrish in Pittsburgh. Her enthusiasm for working with a publication that focused exclusively on the Irish and Celtic communities within a region parallels her own commitment to the Irish community.

She believes in the significance of having a localized platform for our communities, as it offers a tangible connection for readers. She touched upon the possibility of writing a column for iIrish. Although she has considered it, her busy schedule poses a challenge.

Balancing work, home renovation projects, attending live music events (Irish or otherwise), watching movies and TV shows, family time, and travel, she has her hands full. Mairin’s love for travel stands out as a particular passion, reflecting her adventurous spirit.