Madigan Muses: Crossing Paths

Madigan Muses: Crossing Paths
By Marilyn Madigan

In February, I met Kathleen Colan at the Line of March Meeting for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Kathleen is a new judge for the Greater Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

During dinner, we discussed the parade and how we became involved with it. Kathleen’s friend suggested her to Parade Director Linda Carney to be one of the judges. Kathleen has a background in media and would be an asset as a judge.  

She asked me about my involvement in the Irish community.  The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians (LAOH) was one of the main organizations that I spoke with her about. She gave me her card and told me if my organization needed any help with media to give her a call.

March came and so did Covid19. No one would have expected that the St. Patrick’s Day Parade would be cancelled due to a Pandemic. How disappointing for all involved.

Here in Ohio, Gov. DeWine and Dr. Acton issued stay at home orders. As a retired nurse and an amateur historian, I looked back at how our country reacted to the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918-1919.

During that time, many activities were cancelled. I immediately thought of this year’s Hibernian National Convention that was going to be held in Orlando in July. I was hoping we would be able to meet but concerned with so many of us coming from the various hotspots.

At the end of April, plans for Orlando were continuing, but alternate plans were also being discussed. ZOOM became a good friend to many of us doing this challenging time. ZOOM gatherings of family and friends helped us stay connected.

All through May, it was uncertain if the convention could be held physically in Orlando. On June 2nd, for the safety of Hibernians, AOH President McKay and LAOH President Sheyer made the decision that the Convention would be virtual.

Plans were developed to hold many committee meetings on ZOOM, but how do we hold the actual Convention? After meeting Kathleen, we became friends on Facebook. There I saw she had assisted cities with hosting council meetings on ZOOM.

Remembering her offer of help with media, I suggested her company, KC Media, to the Virtual Convention Committee. A meeting was scheduled, and the committee was impressed. Kathleen Colan and KC Media are helping the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians make history with the first Virtual Convention, to be held on July 25. Cleveland will be the headquarters for this Virtual Convention.

The luck of the Irish was with me when I meet Kathleen Colan. I am a firm believer that people cross your path on your life journey for a reason. That meeting in February made history with the Virtual Convention of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians.  I am thankful that my path crossed with Kathleen Colan of KC Media Partners.

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