Madigan Muses: A Special Gift

Madigan Muses: A Special Gift
by Marilyn Madigan

In 2012, St. Patrick’s West Park Parish received the wonderful news that the Parish would open and our Pastor would be Fr. Jim Ols. Fr. Ols is one of twenty-one sons of St. Patrick who have been ordained to the Priesthood. Fr. Jim came home to reopen his childhood parish.

Over the past seven years, Fr. Jim has been a wonderful spiritual leader to the people of St. Pat’s; the Parish has had both a spiritual and physical rebirth. Many improvements have been made to the Church; Fr. Jim has truly made St. Pat’s the cornerstone of the community.

The Convent is serving the needs of the Jack Mulhern Center for Sober Living; in the halls of the school, children are being educated by the Constellation teachers; in Thorpe Hall, the Athletic Association is again holding basketball tournaments; and many activities sponsored by the Holy Name Society are being held.

Fr. Jim has truly been the spiritual father of the parishioners. He is always willing to share his time with those in need.  At the beginning of the year, Fr. Jim informed the parish of his pending retirement. He will be retiring from Parish work, but a priest never really retires; once a priest, always a priest.

St. Pat’s has been blessed to have had Fr. Jim. And we are sad to see Fr. Jim leave; we know he has made us a better community. We wish Fr. Jim good luck and send our love with him on this new phase of his life.

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