Kids Craic: Dear Ol’ Dublin

Kids’ Craic: Dear ol’ Dublin!
By Dottie Wenger

This month, we focus on Ireland’s capital city.  A fun place to visit (its nickname is “City of a Thousand Welcomes”) with a rich history.  Should you visit Dublin during the month of January, it’s best to bring a warm jacket and waterproof boots.  The average temperature this month in Dublin is 37- 44 degrees F. 

What’s in a name? 
The meaning of Dublin or “Dubh Linn” is “black pool.”  The Dubh Linn was a lake used by Vikings and their trade ships.

Trinity College is an ancient university in Dublin.  One of its famous graduates is Bram Stoker, the creator of Dracula!

Famous Musicians from Dublin include Sinead O’Connor, Thin Lizzy, the Dubliners, and U2.  Much of U2’s early music was in fact recorded in their home city, at Windmill Lane Studios.

Classic Authors from Dublin: George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, and Oscar Wilde.

Hollywood Actors from Dublin:  Maureen O’Hara, Brendan Gleeson, Gabriel Byrne, Colin Farrell. 

Did you know

  • Handel’s “Messiah” premiered on April 13, 1742 in Dublin!
  • Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge is the only bridge in Europe that has the same width as its length! It’s a concrete structure that was built in 1863.  Prior to that, it was a wooden bridge built in 1801.  And before THAT, it was made of rope, and could carry only one person and one donkey at a time! 
  • The official language in Dublin is English. However, street signs and official buildings have names written in both English and Gaelic. 

Things for kids to do in Dublin:

  • Dublinia: an interactive Viking and medieval exhibition.  Here, kids will learn about the origins of Dublin through the dark ages and up to modern history. 
  • Dublin Natural History Museum (free entry!)
  • Viking Splash Tours- tour the city while riding in an amphibious vehicle (a “floating bus!”)
  • Dublin Zoo- the oldest zoo in the world, opened in 1831!

*Dottie taught kindergarten and second grade for a total of thirty-two years, and now handles marketing and promotions for Yorktown Service Plaza in Parma Heights.  She is a baker extraordinaire, and in her spare time enjoys participating in 5K events and going on adventures with the Cleveland Hiking Club in order to offset collateral damage from her baking hobby. 

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