Kids Craic: “A Whole Claddagh Love”

Kids’ Craic!  A Whole “CLADDAGH” Love!
by Dottie Wenger

Did you know that the Claddagh ring is a popular Valentine’s gift in both Ireland and the United States?   Claddagh rings originated in the Irish village of Claddagh in Galway back in the 18th century and were originally worn by fishermen as a means of identification. 

The ring’s design is a heart held by two hands with a crown on top.  The heart symbolizes love.  The hands symbolize friendship, and the crown symbolizes loyalty. 

Also, tradition states that the way in which the ring is worn sends a message:  If your heart has been promised to someone, the ring is worn with the tip of the heart pointing in toward the wrist.  If you’re still looking for your true love, you should wear the tip of the heart pointing out.  If the Claddagh ring is given to you by a family member or a good friend, it’s worn on the right hand.  If it’s given by a true love, then it’s to be worn on the left. 

Kitchen Craic: Valentine’s Snack Mix

  • Mini pretzels
  • Popcorn
  • Cereal (Chex mix, Cheerios, or any other favorite)
  • Peanuts or other nut of choice
  • Valentine M & Ms (they’re pink, white and red!)
  • Valentine sprinkles
  • White candy melts


In a large bowl, mix the pretzels, popcorn, cereal, and peanuts.  Ask an adult to help melt candy melts in a microwave-safe dish in 30-second intervals until completely melted.  Pour the melted candy over the bowl of snacks and stir.  When the snacks are evenly coated, pour the entire mixture out onto a baking sheet.  Immediately add sprinkles and M&Ms.  Allow snack mix to cool and candy melts to set for at least thirty minutes.  Then, break apart and store in an air-tight container.  *If using popcorn, this mix will remain fresh tasting for a few days, a bit longer without popcorn.   

Valentine Riddles:   
Q:        What did the paper clip say to the magnet?   A: I find you very attractive.

Q:        What did the bat say to his valentine? A: You’re fun to hang around with.

Kid’s Literature Corner 
The Biggest Valentine Ever  by Steven Kroll, illustrated by Jeni Bassett. 
See what happens when Clayton and Desmond set out to make a valentine together for their teacher.  This book comes with a sheet of colorful foil stickers, so kids can create their own valentines. 

Gab in Gaelic:  Love = Gra (pron. “graw”)

*Dottie taught kindergarten and second grade for a total of thirty-two years, and she now handles promotions and marketing for Yorktown Service Plaza in Parma Heights.  She is a baker extraordinaire, and enjoys reading, walking, and being a lifelong learner. 

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