Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland Makes History

Submitted by John Potter, treasurer, Irish Wolfhound Club

5000 years in Ancient Ireland the Newgrange passage tomb was built.
Every 21st of December on mid-winter morning the rising sun lights up the interior of the tomb.
30,000 people from around the world enter a lottery to win one of 16 places to be inside to see the event.
Hundreds wait outside for sunrise and this year the Irish Wolfhound club of Ireland made history!

Pictured: “Looking towards the light”
Rebecca Smith, Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland, and Amazing Grace at Newgrange
Photo: Alan Betson, Irish Times

For the first time in perhaps 1000 years a group of 20 Irish Wolfhounds have awaited the mid-Winter sunrise at Newgrange.
The club was welcomed to bring members and hounds to this the most important site of Ancient Ireland.
Our members were able to introduce the many visitors to our great hounds- the living heartbeat of Ancient Ireland.

Eileen Battersby writing for the Irish Times described the morning like this:

“Chanting began to soar into a chorus, making a sound resembling a hum.
The darkness was fading as daylight took over. Shapes emerged out of the night, loping along on four legs.
Their arrival was greeted with cheers as close to 20 Irish Wolfhounds introduced an element of wonder, as well as a hint of the past.
The dogs were calm, stately, not a bark between them. They seemed aware that they were gathered at a ceremonial site at which their ancestors had once presided”

The Wolfhounds have returned to Newgrange, to that place of myth and legend, to the enthusiasm of the Solstice visitors and to acclaim around the world.
Irish Wolfhound Club

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