Irish Crossword: Towns in Clare, Limerick and Kerry

Irish Crossword: Towns in Clare, Limerick and Kerry


2 (C)___________, Co.Limerick

5 (T)______,Co. Kerry

7 (Q)____, Co. Clare

8 (K)___________, Co. Kerry

15 (W)__________, Co. Kerry

16 (B)______________, Co. Kerry

19 (L)________, Co. Kerry

20 (E)__________, Co. Clare

27 (R)________, Co. Clare

28 (B)____________, Co. Kerry

29 (R)________,Co. Kerry

30 (L)_________, Co. Clare

33 (L)____________, Co. Clare

38 (K)________, Co. Clare

39 (N)_________-on-Fergus, Co. Clare

42 (L)___________, Co. Clare

43 (K)_________, Co. Clare

45 (K)_______, Co. Clare

47 (K)________, Co. Clare

48 (P)_________, Co. Kerry

49 (K)________, Co. Kerry

56 (Q)______, Co. Clare

57 (T)_______,Co. Kerry

59 (B)_______, Co. Limerick

60 (L)_______, Co. Clare

61 (C)_____, Co. Limerick

63 (M)________ ______, Co. Clare

64 (B)_____., Co. Limerick

65 (A)__________, Co. Limerick

69 (D)_______, Co. Clare

70 (R)_________, Co. Limerick

71 (B)__________, Co. Limerick

72 (F)__________, Co. Kerry



1 (F)______, Co. Clare

3 (A)________, Co. Limerick

4 (D)_______, Co. Kerry

6 (L)________ ____, Co. Limerick

9 (B)___________, Co. Kerry

10 (F)______, Co. Clare

11 (P)___________, Co. Limerick

12 (K)_________, Co. Limerick

13 (F)______, Co. Limerick

14 (K)__________, Co. Kerry

17 (S)_____________, Co. Clare

18 (S)_____,Co. Kerry

21 (T)_____, Co. Clare

22 (V)______,Co. Kerry

23 (C)___________, Co. Clare

24 (D)______, Co. Clare

25 (A)_____, Co. Limerick

26 (C)_______ Co. Clare

28 (B)________, Co. Clare

31 (M)____________, Co. Clare

32 (K)______, Co. Clare

34 (D)____________, Co. Limerick

35 (N)__________ ____, Co. Limerick

36 (L)_________, Co. Kerry

37 (G)_________, Co. Kerry

40 (A) _________, Co. Limerick

41 (K)_______, Co. Kerry

44 (C)___________, Co. Kerry

46 (S)_______, Co. Clare

50 (A)_________, Co. Kerry

51 (B)_____________, Co. Kerry

52 (K)_________, Co. Limerick

53 (B)___________ , Co. Clare

54 (S)_______ _____, Co. Clare

55 (S)_______-____, Co. Clare

58 (B)___________, Co. Limerick

62 (M)______, Co. Limerick

66 (E)_____, Co. Clare

67 (L)_______, Co. Kerry

68 (D)______, Co. Kerry

*Linda also worked as secretary to the Grand Recorder of the Ohio Royal and Select Masons. She is a past president of the Irish American Club – Eastside and was selected as Member of the Year in 2009. She is married to Jim Burke and has three children and four grandchildren. Linda is a student of the Irish language and all things Irish.

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