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Irish Crossword: RTE’s Live Irish Acts

Irish Crossword: TRE’s Live Irish Acts
By Linda Fulton Burke


2 _____ LIKE APES…They eschew guitars, or use

kitchen implements as stage props.

3 THE _________… Mullingar quintet

5 _______…Dublin band fusing mod stylings with

hints of psychedelia and dashes of punk/pop

8 _____ TURPIN… 2008 debut album Sweet Used to


9 ____ KIM… Formerly of Dae Kim, Waterford’s

Katie Sullivan’s debut album was Twelve

11 THE _______…Dublin trio (2/

3) from boyband, My


13 _____ DAVEY… singer, songwriter, Tales of


16 ______ CROWLEY… Galway-born, Dublin-based

singer-songwriter…fifth album, Season of the


18 ______ COUGHLAN…the frontman of Microdisney

and Fatima Mansions

20 ___SCOTT… superb album, We’re Smiling

23 ___________… boisterous fizzy and fuzzy pop from

the hardest-working duo in Ireland

25 _______ RICE… the quiet one, the intense one, the


26 _____ Ó LIONÁIRD… Renowned for his lilting vocal

range, he is more than just a gifted sean-nós


29 _____ REGAN… The End of History by this

Wicklow man

30 ___________D…Dublin’s one-man-and-his- guitar

32 ____MAC CON IOMAIRE… a founder of Kila, and

member of both The Frames and Glen Hansard’s

Swell Season

33 ___…a Downpatrick trio

37 ____ A drummer from the Marble City, Organic

Sampler album

39 _____ KITT… His latest album, Nightsaver matches

experimental leanings with laidback, melodic songs

40 _____ FEENEY…She won the inaugural Choice

Music Prize


freak-folk rockers

42 RÓISÍN ______… album Overpowered was

nominated for the Choice Music Prize

45 ____ HARRISONS… This Dundalk trio

46 SI _________.. Coping Mechanisms, his manylayered

debut album, grabbed hearts and minds.



1 MY ______ VALENTINE… Loveless, consistently

tops “Most Influential” polls


Grafton Street busker and his band

4 ____ ROOM NOTES… Dublin/Galway/Wicklow


6 HANNIGAN…County Meaths’s music assistant

of/foil to Damien Rice

7 GOD IS AN _________.. from the Glen of the

Downs in Co Wicklow

10 ________KNIGHT…Debut album, Youth Is

Wasted on the Young

12 ___PAS CAP… Edgy, daring and sparky, Dublin

band single, We Are Men

14 DAVID ______ …The Holy Pictures album

15 _______…Dublin band started as a duo, then

added a harpist and drummer

17 IAIN ______..Bangor performer spent time with

The Reindeer Section and Snow Patrol

19 ____ PATROL… After U2, they are probably

Ireland’s next-best-selling rock act

21 _________… Their 2007 debut In Love With Detail

was stuffed with razor-sharp and radio-friendly


22 band’s lead singer Conor O’Brien of The Immediate

24 ______ MAY… a rockabilly singer from Dublin’s


27 THE _____ CAKE… nine-piece at the top of their

game with last year’s Sceptre

28 ____FLANNERY… gravel-voiced musician from


31 MESSIAH J THE _______..This duo’s third album

From the Word Go is their best yet .

34 ____X1… fourth album, Blue Lights on the Runway,

35 ______ HAYES & DENNIS CAHILL… Clare-born

fiddle maestro and Chicago guitarist, formerly with

Midnight Court

36 THE ______ COMEDY… Derry-born Neil Hannon’s

legacy is already evident with his band, The Divine


37 ________ OF LOOSE…Mick Pyro the gruff singer

with the extraordinary soul voice leads this Dublin


38 ________… Dublin sisters Louise and Ellie


40 Once best known as bassist for über-respected

instrumentalists The Redneck Manifesto,____is

Richie Egan’s side project

43 __They’d be in the “Top 50 Irish Acts Right Now” of

any year of the past 30

44 ____ SPECIAL… Peter Wilson is a dreadlocked,

eye-linered musician

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