Irish Crossword Puzzle

Ballads About Irish Places
by Linda Fulton Burke


4 – ___________ by Percy


7 The Dublin _______ (Dublin

Can Be Heaven)- by Leo

Maguire, made famous by Noel


10 When I Mowed ___ Murphy’s

Meadow – originally a poem by

  1. J. Devine whose people

came from North Kerry.

12 The _____ of Donegal – written

in 1900 by Neil McBride,

recorded later by Bridie


14 The Shores of ______ Bay –

about leaving Ireland for


15 The Emigrant’s _____ – written

by Paul Kealy, about an Irish

emigrant leaving home & his

loved ones in the 2010s.

16 Mursheen ______ – a traditional

song collected by Colm Ó


19 My Dublin ___- composed by

May O’Higgins.

20 ______ Bay – the name of two

songs, one written by Francis

Arthur Fahy of Kinvara, and one

written by Dr. Arthur Colahan

21 _____ of Donegal

23 Road to __________ – about

the village in Donegal.

Recorded by Bridie Gallagher.

25 _______ by the Lee – words and

music by Irish songwriter, Dick


28 The _______ White Hare –

song set in Creggan, County

Tyrone, from a poem by John


31 Ireland’s ____- official anthem

for the Ireland national rugby

union team, written by Phil


33 Emigrant’s Letter – written by

Percy French

35 From _____ to Here – about

emigration, by Ralph McTell

36 Dublin in my _____ – written by

Dubliner Brendan Phelan and

recorded by the Dublin City


38 ________ Mulligan (Fresh Fish)-

written by Harry O’Donovan,

music by Eva Brennan, about

Biddy Mulligan’s daughter.

39 ____ Thee Well, Enniskillen –

about the regiment from


40 The Road to _________

43 _______ Johnny Dear – song

made popular by Bridie

Gallagher in 1950s

45 The Flight of _____ – song by

Liam Reilly, formerly of

Bagatelle, about the Irish

diaspora leaving in the 1950s

and 1960s to search for work

46 ____________ – a translation of

an Irish-language song from

Munster, referring to town in

Northern Ireland

48 Lovely _____ Gweedore

50 The ____ of Armagh – a 19thcentury

Dublin broadside ballad,

traditionally associated with

Bishop Donnelly (1649-1716);

recorded by John McCormack,

Margaret Barry and the Clancy


51 Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s

Door – written in the 19th

century by Johnny Patterson

52 The Shamrock _____ – several

songs by this name

54 The _____ Road to Dublin – a

rollicking song written by

Galwayman D. K. Gavan for

music-hall artist Harry Clifton

around 1863

57 ____ of Hope, Isle of Tears –

written by Brendan Graham,

about Annie Moore, the first

immigrant to pass through Ellis


58 The Mountains of ______ –

about Irish emigrants in London

(Composer: Percy French

60 ______ of Dooneen –

popularised by Planxty

66 _________ Is Beautiful

69 The ____ to Ballybay- by Percy


72 Come Back Paddy ______ to

Ballyjamesduff – by Percy


73 The Homes of _______- written

by local teacher Seán McBride

(1902-1996) in 1955, recirded

later by Paul Brady

74 ____ Go Bragh – about an

emigrant Irishman’s experience

in Scotland, recorded by Dick


76 _________ of New York – about

emigration (1988 song by The

Pogues and Kirsty MacColl.

Composer: Shane MacGowan)

77 As I _____Out”- there are

several different songs by this

name, recorded by the Clancy

Brothers and Planxty, among


78 Green _____of Antrim



1 ____ for Ireland – anthemic song

by Englishman Phil Colclough

2 __________- recorded by

Sinead Stone & Gerard Farrelly.

Composed by Dick Farrelly.

3 ______ Inishowen

5 Moonlight in ____

6 The Tumble Down Shack in

_______ – one of several “Irish”

songs written by Monte Carlo

and recorded by John


8 Thank God for _______ – by the

Wolfe Tones, a song about Irish

emigration to North America.

9 _______ Donoghue – written in

the 19th century by Johnny


11 The Zoological _______ – by

Dominic Behan

13 ____Hospital (also known as

“St. James Hospital” and “The

Unfortunate Rake”)

15 _______ Hill – an emigrant’s

dream of returning home to his

native County Clare

17 ______ City in 1962 – written by

musician and footballer Dermot


18 Dublin in the ____ Old Times –

1980s song about Dublin before

the 1960s (composer: Pete St.


19 ____ Home in Derry – by Bobby


22 __________ – by Luke Kelly

24 Down by the __________ (Fish

and Chips) – written by Peadar


26 __________ – by Percy French

(his favourite song)

27 The Curragh of _______ – old

song popularised by The

Johnstons and Christy


29 _____ Fields of Gaoth Dobhairrecorded

by Clannad in 1982

30 The Shores of ________ –

about leaving Ireland for


32 The Reason I Left _________ –

written by Pat Cooksey,

arrangement by Finbar Furey

34 The ____Triangle – written by

Dominic Behan for his brother


37 _____ of Eyes – written by

songwriter Jimmy MacCarthy

and released as a single in 1981

41 The _____ of Sweet Viledee

42 Are Ye _____There Michael –

comic 19th-century song about

a slow train on a West Clare


44 Beautiful ________ – performed

by Sinéad O’Connor in the film

The Butcher Boy

47 My Donegal _____ – by Daniel

O’Donnell, believed to have kick

started his career.

49 Days in Old _______

53 Goodbye ____ (Leaving

Tipperary) – recorded by P.J.

Murrihy and by Ryan’s Fancy

55 The Cruise of the _______- by

Arthur Griffith

56 ___________ – one of the bestknown

Tipperary songs, written

by Charles Kickham

59 The ______ Rover – the Offaly


61 The Spanish ____ – a Dublin

song, but can also refer to

Galway and Belfast

62 Where the River ______ Flows

63 ______ Around Galway Bay

64 Isle of _________ – composed

by Irish songwriter Dick Farrelly,

the main theme of the film The

Quiet Man.

65 The Boys from the County

______ – written by Thomas P.

Keenan, made famous by Bridie


67 _________ of Pomeroy – written

by George Sigerson.

68 ________ to Carlingford – about

Carlingford Lough, County


70 _____ Mulligan the Pride of the

Coombe – about a Dublin

woman from the Coombe,

popularised by Jimmy O’Dea.

71 Lovely _____ on the Banks of

the Foyle

75 The Banks of My Own Lovely

___- the Cork anthem

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