Irish Crossword Puzzle: Irish Proverbs


3 To the raven her own chick is _____

5 Do not resent growing old. Many are denied the _________.

8 As the big hound is, so will the ___ be.

11 A scholar’s ink lasts longer than a martyr’s _____.

16 Better be quarreling than ________.

17 A ship often sank beside the _______.

18 Distant hills look _____.

20 Face the sun, but turn your back to the _____

22 Every tide has an ebb save the tide of _____.

24 ____ is like a cup of tea, its all in how you make it

25 A silent _____ is melodious.

28 Everyone is ____ till he speaks.

30 Be neither intimate nor distant with the ______.

32 A word is more enduring than worldy ______.

33 It’s not a matter of upper and lower _____ but of being up a

while and down a while.

35 Mothers hold their children’s hands for just a little while.and

their ______ forever.

39 Broken Irish is better than clever_______.

43 A hound’s food is in its ____.

44 Do not mistake a goat’s _____ for a fine stallion’s tail.

45 ____ is a good workhorse.

49 It is the good _____ that draws its own cart.

50 A friend’s eye is a good ______

51 The future is not set, there is no ____ but what we make for


52 He who gets a name for early _______ can stay in bed until


54 Marry a _________ girl and you marry the whole mountain.

55 It is better to be a _______for a minute than dead the rest of

your life.

57 A _____ precedes a story.

58 A ____is better than suspicion.

64 Every _______is a doctor after his cure.

65 A windy day is not a day for ________.

66 God made time, but man made ______.

68 Hoping to recoup ruins the _______.

69 Two _______ the road.

70 An _____ sack does not stand.



1 Both your friend and your enemy think you will never ___.

2 It’s the deaf people that create the ____.

3 A _______ kettle never boils.

4 It’s easy to halve the potato where there’s ____.

forgotten May you never forget what is worth remembering,

or remember what is best ________..

5 An Irishman is never at _____ except when he’s fighting.

6 _________ is stronger than upbringing.

7 A trade not properly learned is an _____

9 Many an Irish ________ was increased by the lace of a

daughter’s petticoat.

10 If you lie down with dogs you’ll rise with _____.

12 As you ramble through life, whatever be your goal; Keep your

eye upon the ________, and not upon the hole.

13 He who comes with a story to you brings ____ away from


14 It’s for her own good that the cat _____.

15 If you want to be __________ marry.

19 He’d offer you an ___ if you promised not to break the shell.

21 A wild goose never reared a ____ gosling.

23 A light heart lives ____.

25 It is often that a person’s _____ broke his nose.

26 Have a mouth of ivy and a heart of _____.

27 If you do not ___ in the spring you will not reap in the


29 God is good, but never _____ in a small boat.

31 As the old cock crows so the young cock______.

34 Even a _____ thorn causes festering.

36 It’s no use boiling your cabbage _____.

37 God’s help is nearer than the ____

38 Bad as I like ye, it’s worse _______ ye.

40 Age is honorable and youth is _____.

41 A hen is _____ when carried far.

42 A boy’s best friend is his mother and there’s no spancel

stronger than her _____ ______.

44 An old _____ knows the dirty corners best.

46 Every terrier is bold in the _______ of its own house.

47 Its no use carrying an umbrella if your shoes are _______.

48 It is a bad hen that does not _______ herself

50 Praise the child and you praise the ______.

53 It is the _____ pigs that eat the meal.

56 A penny gets________ penny.

59 A little kinship is better than a lot of _______.

60 Good as drink is, it ends in ______.

61 It is sweet to drink but ______ to pay for.

62 Your ____ will bring you where your heart is.

63 It is not a secret if it is known to ______ people.

67 It is better to exist unknown to the ___.

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