Irish Crossword Challenge: Ireland’s History 1201-1700

Irish Crossword Challenge: Ireland’s History 1201-1700
By Linda Fulton Burke


1 An act of the English parliament pushed out ________ from parliament and public office. 1691

3 _____Castle became the royal center. 1204

4 Archbishop Oliver _______ was executed in London. 1681

6 _______ representing the Pope were defeated at Smerwick. 1580

8 Richard II came to Ireland so the kings could ______ to him. 1394-1395

10 The bishop of Down and Connor, Cornelius O’Devany, was _______ for treason. 1612

11 A petition was given to _______ III of England asking for English law in Ireland. 1327-1328

12 Under the Williamite confiscation more land was ______ from Catholics, leaving them with about 14% of Irish land. 1691 – 1703

17 ‘___________’ is a method of inheritance involving splitting land between members of a clan, was made illegal. 1608

18 Richard, ____ of York, fled to Ireland after losing a battle at Ludford in England. 1459

19 At the Parliament of Kilkenny, it was decided the Irish could not join Anglo-Irish_________ houses. 1310

22 Edward _____ was killed by John de Bermingham of Faughart. 1318

23 of Tyrone and Tyrconnell sailed away on LoughSwilly which became known as the “flight of the earls” They were charged.with high treason. 1607

24 Viscount Wentworth, lord deputy, prepared for a plantation of________. 1635

25 Twenty-five ships of the Spanish ______ were wrecked off the coast of Ireland. 1588

26 Efforts were made to give the King Charles’ supporters their land back. This was the Act of Settlement and Act of ____________. 1660-1665

30 _______ became illegal. 1608

32 Anti-Catholic laws were passed, called the

‘popery code’ or _____Laws. 1695-1709

34 Shane O’Neill rebelled and was called a ______.. 1561

35 Settlers came to ______and Offaly. 1550-1557

37 The Irish could no longer send ______ to England. .

39 Settlers from England and Scotland began to arrive in ______. 1610

40 There were ‘Irish riots’ at ______ University. 1267, 1264

46 There were three ___________ in Dublin. 1297-1300

47 Limerick was under siege in August. Patrick _________ led a Jacobite force against William. 1689

48 Conyers Clifford, president of Connact, was killed by Hugh Roe O’Donnell in the Curlew Mountains. 1599

50 Soldiers of the Earl of Essex carried out a ________ on Rathlin Island. 1575

52 Charles I offered concessions called ______ to the Irish people in return for money he could use in his fight against Spain. 1626

53 Poyning’s Law ‘said the Anglo-Irish were not supposed to use Irish laws and customs., but the ban on ________ Irish had to be dropped. 1494- 1495

55 Land was confiscated under ________’s orders. Landowners sent to Connacht. Cromwell’s soldiers were given the confiscated land. 1652- 1653

60 Thomas, Lord_______ – also called ‘Silken Thomas’ – was made deputy when his father, the earl of Kildare, went to England. 1534

61 The Statute of ________was introduced to keep the Irish and English apart, so the English would not pick up on Irish culture, language and dress. 1366

66 A _______ army landed at Kinsale to support Hugh O’Neill. They were attacked by government forces. 1601

68 several victories, Hugh O’Neill, earl of Tyrone, became The O’Neill 1585-1603

71 The Second English _________ Act meant that the colonies couldn’t send goods directly to Ireland. 1671

73 Hugh Roe O’Donnell fled to _____Spain, where he died. 1601

74 King _____ II arrived in Kinsale and besieged Derry, which had defied him. Enniskillen defeated his soldiers at Newtownbutler. 1689

75 The ___________ of Cashel, Dermot O’Hurley, was hanged in Dublin. 1584

76 ____ O’Neill was made earl of Tyrone. 1587


2 Cromwell arrived in Dublin on August 15th as the commander-in-chief.. He took Drogheda, Wexford, and New Ross. 1649

3 _______was lost to parliamentary forces. 1647

4 ____ Paul IV declared that Ireland was a kingdom. 1555

5 The Irish were restricted in selling _______ goods abroad. 1699

7 A _________ representative, Gonzalo – Fernandez, came to Ireland to see the earl of Desmond. 1529

9 Supporters of Perkin Warbeck, who claimed to be the son of Edward V, besieged _________. 1495

11 The earl of Desmond was _________. 1468

12 There was a proclamation that all people were _______of the king, not of any lord or chief. 1605

13 A plantation of _______ was planned. 1585

14 In the Battle of Knockdoe,the English and the earl of ________ defeated Clanricard and Ó Briain. 1504

15 Richard de Burgh was given the whole of ________. 1227

16 Irish trade with the ________ was restricted by Act of Parliament. 1663

20 ____ were used for the first time in Ireland by the troops of Aodh Ruadh Ó Domhnaill. 1487

21 With the __________ underway and the Catholic church out of favour, the monasteries within the Pale began to be closed. 1539

27 The area under Dublin’s control was referred to as the ‘____’ for the first time that we know of. 1446

28 The English Book of Common ______ was now to be used in Ireland. 1549

29 The ____ of Surrey, Thomas Howard, was sent to Ireland to regain control for England. King Henry VIII told him to use persuasion rather than violence. 1520

31 John, now King of England as well of Lord of _______, captured Carrickfergus. 1210

33 The _____Death struck Howth and Drogheda. 1348

36 It was decreed that there should be one law for both the Irish and Anglo-Irish, except for the betaghs (_____). 1331.

38 Limerick was besieged again. A ______ was signed, which meant the end of the war. 1691

41 The Irish army was allowed to go to _______ to serve James II. 1691

42 A rising began in Ulster. The Ulster Irish and Old English allied with one another _______ the English. 1641

43 The first _______ Irish was produced. 1571

44 The _____Carta, which guaranteed certain rights, was issued for Ireland. 1216

45 The earl of Desmond _______ the Munster Plantation. 1598

48 FitzGerald advanced against the O’Donnells at _____, but was stopped. 1257-1258

49 Owen Roe O’Neill _________ the Scots under Robert Munro at Benburb. 1646

51 ______Thomas rebelled and was executed along with his five uncles in 1537.

53 The MacDonnells, who killed _____ O’Neill 1567

54 The Dominiscans and Franciscans founded their first ___________ in Ireland. 1224

56 St Leger brought in the ‘surrender and regrant’ policy, which meant Irish earls and lords had to submit to King Henry VIII to keep their ____. 1540-1543

57 King William III, who had claimed the throne from James, defeated James at Oldbridge on the _____. 1690

58 Western Europe including Ireland was hit by a ______. 1315-1317

59 A law forbade Irish _____ and musicians to go into Anglo-Irish areas. 1435

62 New plantations in _______ King’s County, Queen’s County and Westmeath were given the go-ahead. 1621

63 The _________rebelled. 1568-1572, 1579-1582

64 Hugh Roe O’Donnell managed to escape from Dublin _____. 1591

65 Edward Bruce of Scotland captured Dundalk and became high king. The next year he was crowned king of _______. 1315

67 A _______ confederacy known as the Confederation of Kilkenny was created. 1642

69 The Irish kings offered the high-kingship to Haakon IV of ______ in return for his help in getting the English out of Ireland. 1262-1263

70 _____VIII was made ‘king of Ireland’ by the Irishparliament. 1541

72 A big _____ army fought for Edward I in Scotland.1307.

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