Ireland again in Britain’s Cross-Hairs with Disruptions of Protocol and GFA

The Conservatives have undermined the GFA for 20 years and now target the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP) of the EU-UK Withdrawal treaty. PM Johnson indicated in the TELEGRAPH that “…changes to it were necessary to save the process.” Chairman Corcoran stated: “If memory serves me correctly a U. S. Commander in Vietnam made a similar claim that it was necessary to destroy the Village in order to save it.  We all know how that logic served the peace process in Vietnam.” In a tepid response to this latest stunt, Secretary of State Blinken urged UK Foreign Affairs Minister Liz Truss “to continue on with good faith negotiations “assuring her US-UK trade talks would continue. Noted ABC member John Conway (OH):  “Is Secretary Blinken not aware of the bad faith negotiations and deceit Britain has displayed throughout the Irish peace process and their withdrawal from the EU?  

It’s all about Ireland.  These NIP disruption tactics are intended to distract from Britain’s push for Parliamentary measures to amend the Serious Crime Act of 2007 to grant immunity to Ministers for assassinations ordered by MI-5,6 GCHQ, & Army personnel and to absolve security and police personnel involved in collusion killings of innocent civilians in N. IThose measures and   the 2019 Covert Human Intelligence Services (CHIS) law granting immunity to all Britain’s spies involved in murders in N.I. will bury the truth.  “These are the three jewels in the Crown’s cover-up of systemic injustice and criminality in the North, a trifecta of treachery that would make a certain Saudi Arabian Prince green with envy.” stated member Jack O’Brien (MD).  

The UK section of the 2021 U. S. Department of States Human Rights Report makes no reference to any of Britain’s corruption of justice and collaboration in murders in N. I. including the targeted assassinations of Sinn Fein elected and party officials, their neighbors, family and friends. Concluded Michael Cummings, Secretary of the ABC: “Let us hope that Saudi Arabia’s Prince Charming has not read it when President Biden raises the murder and cover up of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.”   

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