Introducing Your 2020 Ohio Rose of Tralee Applicant’s!

Shannon Enoch, 23, Wadsworth, Ohio

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Hello! I am from Garrettsville, Ohio – the birthplace of Life Savers candy! I work as an Accident Liaison for the Cleveland Clinic. This past year I graduated from Hiram College with a degree in Communication and Writing and have begun my next journey towards entering into the field of Public Health as I study to become a paralegal.
In my spare time, I enjoy being involved with my local community by volunteering at the Wadsworth YMCA, listening to National Public Radio podcasts, learning new crochet stitches, and writing Spoken Word poetry. My great-grandmother, Margaret O’Hara, traveled to the United States from Foxford, Co. Mayo. From dancing in the kitchen to Gaelic folk tunes to telling stories of Cu Chulainn and the Fianna, I am blessed to carry on my great-grandmother’s legacy and heritage.


Meghan Gallagher,
20, Cleveland, Ohio

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Hello, I a full-time student at Mercyhurst University. At my university, I founded the first Irish Club, where we focus on uniting students of Irish descent as well as educating those who wish to learn more about the culture.
I spend my time in Cleveland working as a waitress at Edgewater Yacht Club. My roots run deep in the West Park community of Cleveland, where the community itself embraces the Irish culture with immense pride. My Irish heritage runs on both sides of my family along the West of Ireland (Claire, Achill, and Donegal) and obtaining my own dual citizenship to Ireland has allowed my heritage to open endless possibilities for my future.
All that I am and who I’ve become is because of the sacrifices made by those before to emigrant to the United States.
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Maureen Rose Ginley, 27, Columbus, Ohio 

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Hello! I live/work in Columbus. A proud alumna of John Carroll University and the NEOMFA in Creative Writing Program, I made the move from Cleveland to Buckeye Land in August 2017.
I currently work as a User Experience Content Writer at Huntington National Bank. Here, I put my creative and editorial skills to work to create better financial experiences for customers and bankers alike.
In my spare time, I write for the Ohio Irish American News and volunteer side-by-side with my rescue dog Elvis (who is a Friendly Pet Visitor with the National Church Residences). My paternal grandmother, Mary Josephine Ginley (néeLoftus), was born in Bunnahowna, Co. Mayo, and came to the States at age 19. My paternal grandfather, Thomas Ginley, has family roots in the same village. My great-grandfathers on this side even grew up on neighboring farms.


Erin Hogan, 24, Cleveland, Ohio

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Hi everyone, I have strong Irish roots from Co. Mayo and Co. Clare. I graduated from John Carroll University in 2017 with a BA in Theology and Religious Studies, with a minor in Business and Classical Studies. I basically tried cover as many different subjects as I could in my four years as an undergrad.
Currently, I work full time as a high school youth minister at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Cuyahoga Falls and am working towards my MA in Theology.
Whenever I’m not diving head-first into slip-n-slides covered in shaving cream with my teens, I enjoy teaching Irish Dance, drinking hot coffee, and watching all things superhero-related with my little sister.



Grainne Hutchinson, 24, Cleveland, Ohio

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Dia dhuit! I was born, raised, and educated a Buckeye! I have a Bachelor’s in Marketing with a Global Option, which required a fantastic semester abroad at Trinity College Dublin.
I now use my degree at Huntington National Bank as a Customer Insights Specialist. There I utilize customer research and data to be the voice of the customer throughout the company.
In my spare time, I volunteer at the largest Ronald McDonald House in the world and The Royals Project, where I get to hang out with princess Anna. As my brother was diagnosed with cancer at two, charities helping kids facing terminal illnesses hold a special place in my heart.
Disney and Traveling are my two greatest passions. I hold dual citizenship with Ireland, and my family is from Portarlington, Offaly.

Cailin Mary Klein, 19, Ohio University

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Hello, I am eagerly pursuing a degree in Business and Marketing. My student experiences thus far have been wonderful, l as I was inducted into the Schey Sales Program, accepted into the Women in Leadership Organization, and I am also actively involved in the DSP Business Fraternity.
I am passionate about education, health, and volunteerism. I am the product of wonderful people; my grandparents were both born and raised in Co. Mayo Ireland, and my parents are educators.
I was raised to value education and taught early on that it would give me the opportunity to do something meaningful with my life.
Overall, my goals follow the path that will lead me to success. I am excited to continue learning, meet new people, and build my skillset, so that I can then make a great impact on others.


Sarah McInerney, 28, University of Akron, Ohio

Sponsored by Cleveland GAA

I was born and raised in Co. Clare on the west coast of Ireland. I moved to Ohio in 2017 to pursue a PhD, specializing in the area of Biomimicry.
Biomimicry is an interdisciplinary design approach, based on the idea that natural selection has led to the development of resource efficient strategies that if emulated have the potential to contribute to environmentally sustainable design. I have spent time travelling the world and working in conservation, which led me to focus my career and research on promoting environmentally sustainable behavior across all age groups through education and innovation; by looking to nature for inspiration. 
Outside of work I play Gaelic football and camogie, enjoy horse-riding and rock-climbing and exploring the beautiful Ohio Metroparks. Yet, overall my favorite thing to do is to have a cup of tea and chat with the family at home.



Sara Scacchi, 24, Parma, Ohio

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Hello! I found my heart’s home in Tremont. I am not ready to face the fact that I am almost half-way to 50! I attended Bowling Green State University to obtain my BSBA in Marketing and am currently pursuing my MBA in Entrepreneurship from Ashland University.
I am a proud little sister, a plant-lover, a cat mother, a very sad (but committed) Cleveland sports fan & a small business owner. I enjoy practicing yoga, eating too much sushi and creating art of all kinds. I believe in love, the Universe’s way of creating strange yet perfect timing and that it’s okay for us all to take breaks when we need it. My Irish legacy descends from Cork and every year my family coordinates a “Quinn Clan Reunion” to honor our heritage and family.


Lynn Schutte, 23, Hamilton, Ohio

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Hello, I am a marketing professional with an entrepreneurial side hustle! After graduating from the University of South Carolina Honors College, I started my business, writing blogs and creating social media content for other businesses and entrepreneurs.
By day, I’m also a marketer at a healthcare technology manufacturing company, helping healthcare providers improve the patient experience. I love reading, traveling and spending time focusing on personal development.
While in school, I was active at the Catholic Center, leading small groups and beginning my journey as a Sunday school teacher. My maternal grandmother was raised in Co. Cork. Although she passed away before I was born, I feel a deep connection to her because her maiden name was Lynn. Last summer my family and I traveled to Ireland, fulfilling the dream of visiting her hometown and exploring our Irish heritage.



Molly Shonk, 24, Columbus, Ohio

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Hello, I attended numerous schools playing collegiate volleyball, but graduated cum laude in Criminal Justice from Lourdes University, in 2018. My internship led me to Capital University Law School, where I completed my paralegal and now work as a litigation paralegal.
In my free time, I am a competitive volleyball player and travel and play in as many tournaments as possible. Music is one of my passions and there isn’t a day I don’t listen and sing along.
I am a big advocate for mental health and am working to establish annual charity volleyball tournaments to benefit that cause.
We trace my family back to County Clare, Ireland. For my middle name, I was given my grandmother’s maiden name of Irwin to honor my family. I wear it proudly.



Christine Smyth
, 22, Cleveland, Ohio

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Hello! My passion is Irish dance. Irish culture is an essential part of my life, with having proud family roots in Co. Clare. My future aspirations are to be an Irish dance teacher, wife, and mother someday.
Currently, I am working towards opening The Smyth School of Irish Dance, named in honor of my deceased father. I teach classes to adults, children, and special needs students so that all may experience the joy of dance.
My background as a Regional Champion and World Medal Holder, paired with my passion for teaching, inspires my life goals. I am a student at Baldwin Wallace University, studying Arts Management, Entrepreneurship, & Dance. I love spending my free time with family, and I am so grateful to be a part of the Cleveland Irish Community.

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