iIrish’s Crossword Puzzle & Shamrock Squares: Things to Do and See in County Kilkenny


By Linda Fulton Burke

Things to See and Do in Kilkenny


1 Go for a walk in the Jenkinstown ___ Loop.

3 Visit the walled Kells _____, one of Ireland’s

largest religious sites, and be sure to walk to the

the old mills, too.

5 View the many contemporary artworks displayed in

the Butler ______ at Kilkenny Castle.

7 Shoot a round or have lunch at the Kilkenny Golf


8 Visit the 6th century St. Canice’s Cathedral , with a

round _____ that is the oldest structure in Kilkenny.

9 Have a picnic at Kilkenny’s Woodstock ____ and


11 See the workings of Irish justice and the Kilkenny

Old ____ and Courthouse.

12 Tour St. Mary’s Collegiate Church in Gowran and

learn about the Knights _____, Oghan stones, the

Butlers, and life during medieval times.

13 Learn about the 3,000 year old game of hurling and

play on the pitch of ___ champs, the Kilkenny Cats.

14 Tour ______ Abbey in Thomastown to see the

amazing sculptures and a nice cloister.

17 Visit Thomastown’s Jerpoint ___. home of a

deserted 12th century medieval town.

19 Put some cash on the ponies at Gowran Park


21 Attend Mass at St. John the _______ Church in


23 Enjoy a craft beer at the St. Francis Abbey ______.

25 Visit Bennettsbridge’s Nore View ____ Village and

Heritage Museum that houses over 10,000 items

some dating back to 2,000 B.C.

26 Tour Kilkenny Castle, originally built by Richard de

Clare (aka ______), long time home of the Butler


28 Stop in at the ______ Rice Heritage Centre in the

thatched cottage where he was born, in Callan.

29 Enjoy a ____, workout, soccer, running track, or

other amenities at the Watershed’s world class

sports facilities in Kilkenny.

30 Have lunch and spend a _______ afternoon at the

Watergarden in Thomastown.


1 Visit the Callan _______ to learn about the famine

years and see the many graves from that period.

2 Learn the history of stalactites and stalagmites and

Viking raids at Ballyfoyle’s Dunmore _____.

4 Stop in at Kilkenny’s Rothe House, a magnificent

17th century _____ merchant’s townhouse with a

museum, garden, genealogy centre, book and gift


6 Stop in at Duiske ____, largest Cistercian

monastery in Ireland built in 1204 in


7 Enjoy many family adventures at _______ Park in

Kilkenny Town.

10 Take the kids to Reptile _____ in Gowran, where

they can touch, hold, or feed the many reptiles and

other unusual animals.

15 Visit the monks at the Capuchin ____ in Kilkenny.

16 Take a trip on ‘The Castle Express’, a custom built

road _____, for a unique and fun filled tour of


18 Visit Kilfane Waterfall and ___ and its “secret

garden” that was discovered after Hurricane

Charlie left it exposed.

20 Try a game of laser tag at Laser _____ Kilkenny.

21 Take your Afternoon Tea at Mount Juliet ____ in


22 Visit the 13th century Black Abbey, one of the few

religious buildings in Ireland not destroyed by

Henry VIII or ______.

24 Stop at St. ____’_ Priory, built in the 13th century

and now used by the Church of Ireland.

26 Take the shortcut from medieval era in Kilkenny,

the Butter ___, and transport back in time.

27 Buy a piece of art by local Irish artists at the

_____bird Gallery across from Kilkenny Castle


Linda Fulton Burke

Linda Fulton Burke

*Linda also worked as secretary to the Grand Recorder of the Ohio Royal and Select Masons. She is a past president of the Irish American Club – Eastside and was selected as Member of the Year in 2009. She is married to Jim Burke and has three children and four grandchildren. Linda is a student of the Irish language and all things Irish

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